Missouri Department of Corrections Lawsuit Payments


Missouri Department of Corrections Lawsuit Payments: Did You Get Your Share in 2022?

Remember working overtime without proper compensation? If you were a Missouri correctional officer in 2022, chances are you’re due some cash! A major class-action lawsuit, Hootselle, et al. v. Missouri Department of Corrections, resulted in a $49.5 million settlement to compensate officers for unpaid wages. But did you receive your slice of the pie? Let’s break it down.

The Case: Unpaid Wages and Overtime Blues

Missouri correctional officers, the unsung heroes keeping our communities safe, were systematically denied proper compensation for years. The lawsuit alleged the Department of Corrections (MDOC) failed to pay for pre- and post-shift activities, essentially shortchanging officers on their rightful wages.

The Settlement: Justice Served, Kinda

After a long legal battle, MDOC agreed to a settlement offering two forms of compensation:

Cash Payments: A $49.5 million fund was established, with individual payouts ranging from $50 to $4,900. The average officer received around $838. Not a windfall, but a recognition of unpaid work.
Future Wage Adjustments: MDOC agreed to compensate current and future correctional officers I and II an additional 15 minutes per shift for eight years, starting July 1, 2022. Essentially, a raise disguised as “make-up time.”

Did You Get Paid?

If you were a Missouri correctional officer between June 2013 and June 2022, you were likely eligible for the settlement. The first round of checks was mailed in November 2022, with a second round expected in April 2023. If you haven’t received your payment or have questions, check the official settlement website: https://www.mdocsettlement.com/.

This settlement is a reminder that fighting for fair compensation can pay off, literally. While the individual payouts weren’t huge, it’s a step towards ensuring our correctional officers are valued and properly compensated for their vital work.


Am I eligible for a payment?

Check the official website (https://www.mdocsettlement.com/) or contact the claims administrator for verification.

How much will I get?

Individual payouts depend on various factors. The website doesn’t offer a calculator, but you can inquire about your specific amount.

When will I receive my second payment?

The second round of checks is expected in April 2023.

What if I didn’t receive a check or have questions?

Contact the claims administrator at mailto:[email protected] or by phone at (844) 804-3550.

Was this a good settlement?

Opinions vary. Some officers feel the payouts were insufficient, while others see it as a positive step.

What does this mean for the future of correctional officer compensation in Missouri?

The settlement specifically addresses past issues, but future wage adjustments offer some hope for fairer compensation going forward.

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