Toyota Paint Problems Found During Class Action Lawsuit

Toyota Paint Problems Class Action Lawsuit

Toyota Paint Problems Class Action Lawsuit:

You might have noticed some Toyotas with paint peeling or fading, and you’re not alone. It’s become such a widespread problem that a class action lawsuit has been filed against the company. In this article, we’ll look at the issue, the affected models, common paint problems, possible causes, and the current status of the class action lawsuit. So, buckle up, and let’s dive in!

Toyota Models Affected

Several Toyota models have been reported to have paint problems. The most commonly affected models include:

Toyota Camry

As one of Toyota’s most popular models, it’s no surprise that many Camry owners have experienced paint problems. These issues range from peeling and fading paint to chipping and cracking.

Toyota RAV4

The RAV4, a popular compact SUV, has also been plagued by paint issues. Some owners have reported widespread paint peeling, particularly on the hood, roof, and trunk.

Toyota Corolla

The Corolla, another staple in the Toyota lineup, has had its fair share of paint complaints. Many owners have noticed significant paint deterioration, including peeling, fading, and chipping.

Common Paint Problems

Several paint-related problems have been reported by Toyota owners, including:

Peeling Paint

Peeling paint is the most common issue, with large chunks of paint separating from the car’s body. This often leads to the exposure of the underlying metal, which can rust and cause further damage.

Fading Paint

Fading paint is another problem, where it loses its color and becomes dull, especially when exposed to sunlight for extended periods.

Chipping Paint

Chipping paint is characterized by small, localized areas where the paint has come off, often caused by rocks or debris hitting the car while driving.

Car owners furious over peeling paint

Causes of Paint Problems

There are several potential causes of these paint issues, such as:

Manufacturing Defects

Some experts believe that the paint problems could be attributed to manufacturing defects, such as inadequate adhesion between the paint and the car’s surface or using low-quality paint.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors like UV exposure, extreme temperatures, and road salt can also contribute to paint degradation over time.

Maintenance Issues

Improper car maintenance, like using harsh chemicals when washing or not waxing the car regularly, can also lead to paint problems.

The Class Action Lawsuit

As a result of these widespread paint issues, a class action lawsuit has been filed against Toyota. Here’s what you need to know about the case:

Plaintiffs and Allegations

The plaintiffs, in this case, are a group of Toyota owners who claim that the company knowingly sold vehicles with defective paint. They argue that Toyota was aware of the paint issues but failed to notify customers or offer adequate remedies.

Toyota’s Response

In response to the allegations, Toyota has taken several steps to address the paint problems, including:

Settlement Offers

Toyota has offered some affected customers a settlement that includes partial reimbursement for repainting their vehicles. However, many customers have found these offers to be insufficient, given the extent of the paint damage.

Warranty Extension

Additionally, Toyota has extended the warranty for paint-related issues on some models. This extended warranty covers paint peeling but may not cover other paint problems like fading or chipping.

Angry car owners take Toyota on over peeling paint defects

What Should You Do?

If you own a Toyota vehicle affected by paint problems, consider the following steps:

  1. Document the paint issues by taking photos and recording any related expenses.
  2. Contact your local Toyota dealer to discuss any available remedies, such as warranty claims or settlement offers.
  3. Stay informed about the class action lawsuit and consider joining if eligible.
  4. Take proper care of your car’s paint by washing and waxing regularly, using appropriate cleaning products, and protecting your car from harsh environmental conditions.


The Toyota paint problems class action lawsuit highlights the importance of holding companies accountable for the quality of their products. While Toyota has taken steps to address the issue, many affected customers feel that the offered remedies must be improved. If you’re experiencing paint problems with your Toyota vehicle, proactively seek solutions and stay informed about the ongoing lawsuit.


What models are affected by the Toyota paint problems?

The most commonly affected models include the Toyota Camry, RAV4, and Corolla.

What are the common paint problems reported by Toyota owners?

The most common paint problems include peeling, fading, and chipping.

What are the possible causes of these paint problems?

Causes may include manufacturing defects, environmental factors, and improper maintenance.

What is the current status of the class action lawsuit?

The lawsuit is ongoing, with plaintiffs claiming that Toyota knowingly sold vehicles with defective paint and failed to provide adequate remedies.

What should I do if my Toyota has paint problems?

Document the issues, contact your local Toyota dealer, stay informed about the lawsuit, and take proper care of your car’s paint to prevent further damage.

Toyota Paint Problems Class Action Lawsuit

A Toyota Paint Problems Class Action Lawsuit has been filed against the popular auto company. A Class Action Lawsuit is filed in an effort to have a group of people who were injured or killed due to the negligence of a company or person. In this case the complaint focuses on the battery problem for the popular Toyota SUV, which was sold by a Japanese-based automaker. According to a Michigan woman who filed a Class Action Lawsuit yesterday, Toyota sold its high-end SUV, the RAV4, equipped with faulty batteries for certain model years for late model years inclusive, during the last year. She is seeking compensation for her injuries, as well as pain and suffering.

The lead plaintiff, identified as D.W. in the lawsuit, says she purchased the vehicle from a Toyota dealer at the time of purchase. At that time, her RAV4 exhibited a small but common internal defect. That defect included a weak “peel mark,” where the paint would lift off the top of the vehicle. This peel mark caused the paint to be weak and easily detached, causing the vehicle’s top to be damaged in that area, as well as other parts of the paint job, and even the underside.

When asked about the paint problem on the vehicle at the time of purchase, the dealer, identified as H.M. told her, “That’s one of the small defects in the product line. We don’t focus on the paint finish because we think it looks nice.” According to the Class Action Lawsuit, H.M. further stated, “Just like with any vehicle, you must service your brakes and other parts on a regular basis to keep it in good shape and prolong the life of the paint.”

Toyota has settled with Class Action Lawsuit plaintiffs over this defect and continues to do so, as most defects come from small manufacturing defects, rather than from the wronged paint job. The Toyota Class Action Lawsuit also named Ford, and their defective vehicles. It is interesting to note that the complaint lists “wheels, tires, brakes, transmissions, clutches, etc.” This is quite similar to the recalls we see done by Ford, which seem to focus on brakes and transmissions most of the time. Interestingly enough, neither Ford nor Toyota has yet resolved this class action lawsuit, despite the fact that this problem has been identified and publicly acknowledged for years.

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has jurisdiction over the matter, and that is the reason why they issued a final judgment against Toyota in November of 2021. The case was filed by a former employee who was employed at the Toyota Mexico plant and was hired in the late stages of 2021. According to the complaint, he suffered From the deficiency of two brake systems on a late model S Toyota Prius. The complaint further states that he suffered From the deficiency due to the design of the Toyota’s muffler system, and not from any manufacturing defect.

A few months later, he was diagnosed with Autism, and as a consequence had to withdraw from work. He was also diagnosed with a previously undiagnosed mirror imaging defect, and his lawsuit is being handled by the Autism Law Center in San Diego, California. According to the complaint, this mirror imaging defect can cause and likely will cause death or permanent injury to an infant with Autism. The complaint further states that “the defendant negligently and recklessly caused” this harm, and that Toyota has “caused or is liable” for the injuries to Mr. Garcia. As stated earlier, Toyota has yet to resolve the matter, however, they have already placed a hold on further production of the vehicles hands-free devices and recall all affected vehicles.

200 thoughts on “Toyota Paint Problems Found During Class Action Lawsuit

    1. I am in the process of filing one because Toyota will not step up to fix my peeling paint. I haven’t even had my truck for 4 years. Toyota claims my VIN isn’t included in the current paint issues. Let me know if you are interested in joining- no cost to you except filling out some paperwork on how your paint has been affected by the shoddy paint job of Toyota.

      1. My Blue 2016 paint is peeling and scaling of all over the car and under the front hood and rear trunc and doir panels and chipping and flaking all over the entire body of the car. I contacted toyota and filed a claim as tgey refused to fix it and in total denial. They sent me to a body shop of there own who even told me its a common problem and toyota knows about it and is refusing to fix it. I even had longo toyta verify as i was in there service department and another toyotarolled in .i had the service manager just check it out just for fun and he was shoked to see the paint peeling of just like mine and still toyota would not do anything. I got and estimate for over $8000.00 to have it repainted.. what a smack of shit. I keep my car in garage and care for it. Ithas low milage abdthey just kept saying its out of warrenty yetthey are painting same problem on different color car that are almost 15 yearsold but not my almost new car. Please include me in any lawsuit

        1. We have a 2017 Tacoma with peeling paint …Toyota dealer said so sorry..$2000.00 to fix it. My question is it going to do it in more places ?

        1. Hi. I have a 2016 Tacoma with white paint that is fading and peeling. Please include me in the lawsuit if you would.

      2. Hello, I have a 2017 Toyota Tacoma paint peeling please include me in the lawsuit if you need to contact me please reply so I can send over my contact info

      3. Hi Tina,
        I just reached out to Toyota Corp. about the paint failing around my doors and front fenders on my 2014 Tacoma. It first started under the hood around 2016/17 and since I saw now signs of rust, I just let it go. Then last year (2021) the flaking appeared on/near my doors-both sides. They gave me the answer you would expect-Not under warranty. I am very interested in supporting your class-action lawsuit. Let me know what I need to do.

      4. I have a 2010 Prius my daughter a 2012 both with Blizzard white both chipping in the same place, mine is always garaged, Toyota is not recognizing the Prius in the paint fix ??? I would like to join the class action.

      5. I am interested in joining the class action. My blizzard pearl paint on Highlander is peeling and it is not included in extended warranty program, I’ve contacted Toyota several times to complain, with no resolution.

      6. I am very interested. My paint started peeling after about a year of buying it. And it’s getting worse all the time. I hate the look of my Toyota.

      7. I am interested in joining your class action. The roof and trunk of my 205 Toyota Corolla have clearcoat flaking off. keep my car outside and live in a hot, Murrieta, California

        1. Hi there Teresa,. My name is Tammy Edwards and I’ve had terrible problems with this paint 2009 Toyota Carolla . I’m in NC I’ve took it to 3 dealership and 2 of them said they don’t fool with that issue. The last 1 wouldn’t give me the time of day, he proceeded to say there’s nothing wrong with it . And I’ve neglected it. What a liar!!!! You can see the glazed and paint peeling off with this foggy dull color. When I detailed the car it didn’t do a thing for it. Made it worse can you help me on getting in touch with someone about this lawsuit on paint.
          Thank you,

      8. I am interested in joining. My 2008 RAV4 Blizzard Pearl paint has totally come off on the roof and is bubbling and coming off under my windows and the edges of the hood.

        1. My 08 RAV4 Blizzard Pearl is peeling too. Toyota is refusing to fix it. TSB says it only applies to 2009-2017 RAV4 but it is obvious it affected cars before then. I’m trying to find others with the issue on their 2008 RAV4s.

        2. Please let me know how I can join this class action lawsuit. I have a 2010 Rav 4 with the Blizzard Pearl paint. Toyota repaired the hood of the car when that was peeling as there was an extended warranty to cover this problem until Dec 11, 2022.. 12 days after the warranty expired we had a significant wind storm which caused a significant amount of paint to peel off the car’s back panel. I was told sorry, nothing they can do as it’s no longer under warranty. Why should there be a time limit on Toyota fixing this problem? They are responsible for it, otherwise they would not have offered an extended warranty in the first place. The paint will continue to degrade over time due to weather and other conditions. Toyota should have recalled every car affected and replaced the paint on the entire car. This should not be the consumer’s problem to fix. Toyota produced these faulty vehicles. They should fix them.

      9. I’m interested in the process of filling . I spoke with the Toyota dealership at stevens creek Toyota , about my paint pealing off and they the said my truck paint problem was not recalled . My email is – [email protected] phone # 408-314-xxxx my name is Arthur Martinez .

      10. My 2017 paint is peeling on my orange Tacoma. My dealership took my truck in 6 months ago. Said it was going to be repainted bumper to bumper down to the metal, they called me yesterday said they aren’t going to do anything. I reported the paint back in 2020. I will join !!!

      11. Hello. I’m not sure if this is still active/ongoing but we would be interested in joining a class action suit against Toyota. We have a super white Tacoma and were told the same by multiple dealerships that our VIN number isn’t included in any of the recalls.

      12. I have the same issue on my 2017 Tacoma. Super white paint is defective and acknowledeged by the dealer. I’ve called Toyota and spoke to the executive office and was told your vehicle is not covered. Toyota has an extended warantee program for paint that has been flaking anfd agreed to fix: Avalons, Camrys, Carrollas, Rav 4s, and more recently the Sequoia and Highlander for years ranging from 2007-2019. Yet they are not covering Tacomas. I am interested in joining your class action lawsuit.

      13. I am interested because The slightest touch and the paint goes all the way to the met all and I paid extra for my paint color

      14. Tina,
        Toyota is telling me the same thing. That and it’s normal wear and tear. I want in on the lawsuit.

      15. Tina,
        I have a 2012 Toyota Corolla and my car was in the Bodyshop twice for a repaint job due to it peeling. It’s 2 years later and the paint is peeling off in the same places they supposable fixed. I went to the Bodyshop again and they said there is nothing they can do about it, that the customer care warranty is over. Well, I understand that, but I have been here twice prior, and you still have not fixed it at all just put a Band-Aid on the problem. I called the manufacture today and they said the same thing. I told them I will go to the news and broadcast this problem they are having all over the state!

      16. I have also been declined by Toyota for paint peeling issues on a white 2015 tacoma. I am interested in pursuing a suit to hold them accountable

    2. Me 2 my 2016 Corolla is Peeling from all the metal parts??? My car looks crazy!!! She shouldn’t look like that!! The paint literally comes off in quarter size chunks when touched??? I called the dealer and they wanna “see what they Can do” ??? I pay good money for this car and try to keep it looking nice….This is a manufacturing issue in my mind
      …I don’t think I should have to pay ….

    3. My 2012 Rav4 has sheets of paint coming off on the roof, hood and back door. Smaller places on the doors. Toyota won’t repair. They claim i was sent a letter but i did not. They say I missed the deadline. I believe the original owner got the letter.. Also i did buy the vehicle from the local Toyota dealer in 2014. If its not too late please include me.

  1. I purchased a brand new 2021 Red Toyota Corolla, immediately noticed paint chipping on the hood. The paint started chipping before the first service. Before 5000 miles. I am very unhappy with the quality of this car. The sticker said up to 40 miles per gallon. My car has never gotten 40 mpg. I am very disappointed with these little problems. When I spoke with a salesperson, he told me that because they can’t use lead in the paint, the quality is “just not that good “ how can they get away with this? I paid a higher price for a Toyota because I thought the quality was so superior. It’s not and I don’t know how to get this resolved.

  2. I have a 2015 Toyota 4 Runner Nautical Blue that has paint issues on the roof and along the top side of the door panels. We take very good care of our cats including the paint finish. Is there a class action that would include my car?

  3. Please keep me informed of any class action law suit against Toyota for paint issues.
    I have a 2018 Salsa Red Pearl Sienna and the paint is disintegrating on the roof above the windshield.
    Toyota today,3/18/22 told me the same as above , that our VIN number and paint color is not included in any repair orders.That any repairs are at owners expense.

  4. I have a 2015 Toyota Highlander Limited edition in Blizzard pearl color. I have reached out multiple times about the peeling and I have been told because my care is out of warranty and my car is not listed on the recall list i will have to come out of pocket to have my car repaired. I can not sell my car or trade it in and receive its value due to the paint peeling away. what can I do?

    1. How do I join the lawsuit? We have a 2013 blue Rav4. We have already had the roof and hood repainted. Now the doors and fenders are peeling.

  5. I have a low mileage white Toyota Camry that has paint peeling on left rear fender. I was notified by Totota 2 years ago that my car was one of the vehicles affected by defective white and pearl white paint. I have been given a total run around by the dealership I bought it from,.the local Toyota Collision Center who took pictures to send to Toyota but didn’t because Toyota took them out of the repair loop just as they started processing my vehicle repair. I’m now being told I have to take my car to a dealer 125 miles away once Toyota approves it. I feel like I’m in limbo and may never get my vehicle repaired.

  6. I have a 2013 Toyota Corolla S I’m the original owner and the paint is just fading away. Is anybody else having this kind of a problem? Are there any suggestions on how I get this resolved?

  7. My 1st toyota corolla was a 1995 model. The paint was fading by 2005. I blamed myself because I would was my car in my driveway with dish washing soap. When I purchased a new 2009 corolla I made it a point to take it to a professional car washers. 11 years later I have been noticing the paint is spotting and fading. Mileage on this car is under 10,000.00. Can I do anything about it?

  8. I understand my 2010 is a few years old but the paint is chipping on the engine hood and the clear coat is showing spots on the top of the car.. Can anyone help me.

  9. I have a 2010 Toyota Prius. A big chunk of paint fell off the drivers door and noticed paint is chipping off in other areas of the car.

  10. I have a 2010 Toyota Prius. A big chunk of paint fell off the drivers door. Also noticed paint is chipping off in other areas of the car.

  11. I have a Pearl white 2013 Highlander that is not part of the paint warranty. Large chunks of paint are peeling. If anyone here have any success getting their vehicle paint covered, please detail me.
    Thank you.

  12. I’m having a paint issue on my 2015 silver Toyota tacoma and was told by corporate that silver wasn’t included in the recall. $32000 and was disappointing to me that Toyota want correct this issue.

  13. I have a 2009 Silver Toyota Rav-4 with peeling clear coat and paint on the hood and roof. Toyota is denying any responsibility.

  14. Hi, I’m having the same problem, my bonnet is peeling and bubbling, the paint on the back is peeling and bubbling, all under my roof racks is peeling. The amount I’ve been quoted is so expensive, can I please join the class action too? Thank you, regards, Tanya.

  15. My blizzard is white. 2014 Prius paint is peeling all over, why is Prius excluded in the recall paint? what can
    I do to get on the list? it seems there are many Prius owners with the same color having the same issue with their white paint.

  16. Today I saw a Gold SR5 Toyota 4Runner with the paint pitting cracking chipping off of the hood exactly like my Silver 2009 SR5 .. I was shocked but happy that it’s a REAL issue !!! Not just my car from so-called gravel and rocks … my 3rd Toyota and at 68 years old I was hoping to have it for many more years it’s been a great vehicle but the paint problem unacceptable.. Count Me In, please

  17. I have a 2011 Toyota Highlander Limited in Blizzard Pearl… paint is peeling every where. I have called many times and keep getting the same response… the highlander is not under the paint recall program. How can certain models be excluded but has the same paint color? This is extremely frustrating… other than the paint peeling my 11 year old vehicle is great condition. Please let me know what I can do.

  18. I have a 2016 blue Corolla, 31,000 miles. I am experiencing paint chipping and peeling on the tops of the front and rear fenders. Also just started to notice it is doing it on the front open portion of the drivers side rear door, where the front door closes. I have reached out to Toyota and have a case number. Waiting on their reply. I did take it to Surprise Toyota in AZ and was basically blown off altogether because the car wasn’t white.

  19. I have a 2016 Crew Tacoma TRD Off-Road with paint peeling on the inside of the front fenders. Noticeable with the hood down. Very disappointed. They say it’s from direct sunlight. I find that hard to believe It’s been parked in the garage since bought new. I would like to join the class action also.

  20. My 2020 Tacoma is peeling the clear coating. At 52k mileage, I am out of warranty. Can I join this?

  21. Please include me in the lawsuit for the loss of clear coat and paint on hood and roof of my 4runner.

  22. Sign me up. I have 2017 Tacoma in 040 white. Paint peeling on fenders and driver side rear door. Toyota basically told me to bad. I’m seriously thinking about stop making payments and let them repo it.

  23. Also have clearcoat peeling. 2017 4runner, dark blue. with front roof peeling. How can I join the lawsuit?

  24. We have a 2014 Camry with 39000 miles and the paint is peeling in several spots. Our paint code is 040. Don’t buy any new car from Honda, GM, and Toyota. Are there others? I’m thinking of buying an older vehicle and spending $$$$ to make it like new. Everyone needs to spread the word about these Companies. Toyota are you listening? I bought a 1991 Toyota pickup new (in 1991) and I never had the problem with the paint I’m having with my Camry. When you cut corners it can come back to bite you!

  25. I have a 2009 blue Toyota Corolla. The clear coat on the hood, roof and trunk has been peeling severely overtime. Toyota won’t do anything to help. I’d like to be included for this action.

  26. I have a 2012 Toyota Corolla in Bahama Blue which started pedaling right at my 10 year anniversary. Do we have a case?

  27. I have a 2013 Highlander that half the upper paint is now missing, and it’s crawling down the window pillars to the beltline.

    I can see it just balloon out and then the next rain knocks off another section. It started at 5 years from new. Toyota dealer that sold it to me (Al Hendrickson/Florida) just said “huh…”.

    How do I join the class action suit?

  28. Yes, please include me in the class action suit. I have been complaining about the paint peeling on my 2015 Corolla for 5 years. Toyota stated they are only aware of the white paint being an issue for that year and my car is blue. The dealer and Toyota have pictures of multiple issues on my roof, doors, and trunk. They have documented the issue, but will not fix it.

  29. I would like to join the class action lawsuit. Toyota refuses to acknowledge the 2010 Toyota Prius which I do have and it’s going to look like a pile of scrap metal in no time if this isn’t addressed.

  30. I have a 2017 Tacoma in White and Toyota is denying any fault to peeling paint all the way down to the primer. It is clear that this is a paint adhesion failure.

  31. 2017 Tacoma “super white”.. peeling on doors and under hood.. corporate states not under warranty… after 5 years paint should not be peeling.. they are fully aware of this issue…. Count me in!

  32. I am interested. Our 2010 Gray Prius is not covered in any current settlement and the roof is a mess. Body shop has already assessed as a manufacturing defect.

  33. We have a 2017 Toyota Tacoma, 35,000 miles and the paint is peeling bad!! Please send me information and include me in your class action lawsuit

  34. I have a 2012 Toyota Camry. The paint is peeling in multiple places on the hood, fender, and trunk. Please add me to any correspondence on this topic.

  35. 2016 Toyota Tacoma Limited same issue as most of you the paint is white pearl and is peeling. the truck is well maintained 40k mileage and this should not be happening this paint cancer is starting in the engine area on both fenders, I can see the grey primer. Please contact me if this can get a class action.

  36. Toyota 2006 Rav 4 pearl white ,always kept in as new cond until paint peal all over vehicle.reported to toyota dealership where they agreed to pay half of the quoted price of repair bill of $9000. Seriously , please include me in any class action against toyota

  37. I have a 2011 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport white 040 colour which has now been into the paint repair shop three times.
    the first time was the side panel next to the drivers door, which i had to pay $750 to have repaired.
    Second time the roof , back left passenger door, the paint & panel shop i took it to a different paint & panel who did a paint test on it and suggested i contact Toyota as it was a know problem with the vehicles.
    The third time was the back right passenger door and trunk which i was told they could repair however Toyota was only prepared to pay 1/2 of the $2700 cost due to the age of the vehicle and it being out of any kind of warranty.
    On all three occasions the paint peeled off to the grey primer.
    Please send me information And include me in your class action lawsuit.

  38. Toyota Prius 2010 with Blizzard Pearl White. I would definitely be interested in joining a class action lawsuit.

  39. I have a 2017 Tacoma and have been trying to get my paint issue resolved with Toyota directly with no consideration from them. I was 3 months past the paint warranty and didn’t notice the issue until I had it serviced and washed at the Toyota dealership during the 2020 pandemic . How can I be included in this suit?

  40. I would also like to join. My 2010 Blizzard Pearl Prius is peeling badly on multiple panels and has large sections of missing paint on the hood. Toyota knows this is an issue with their Super White and Blizzard Pearl paints but have excluded certain vehicles despite it being the same paint, the same years, and the same problems!

  41. 2014 blue crush Toyota Corolla.. paint fading and peeling. Received an estimate today for $8000. This Is ridiculous.

  42. 2015 Nautical Blue 4Runner, clear coat is pretty much gone on roof, starting on hood and sides, paint starting to peel off now. My dealership offered no help and neither did corporate. Very upset and would love to join a class action lawsuit!!

  43. I have a 2017 Toyota Tacoma. I’m paint issue on the front grill area and a clear coat issue at 3 locations on my vehicle. would someone please contact me regarding these issues.

  44. My (third Tacoma and only white one) is a 2016 Tacoma, double cab, TRD Sport purchased brand new in white pearl started “peeling” at around 40K miles. Dealership painted the rear passenger door under their “Goodwill” offer. I asked them to look it over carefully to identify any other peeling areas. After I got the truck back from being painted, I was hand washing and waxing it (except for that door). Noticed peeling paint all over various areas of the truck. Took it back to Steven’s Toyota in Harrisonburg, VA. They said too bad I didn’t notice it two weeks ago. Will only offer one “Goodwill” offer and tough luck. I would love to be included in this class action lawsuit.

  45. I would also like to be included. My 2014 Tacoma is peeling on the driver’s door and the rear passenger door. It has been garaged most of its life!

  46. I would like to be included my 2015 highlander is peeling bad. Top is off on one side. I have a volleyball sized on passage upper side. On my doors and front. Toyato told me it would be at least a year or more before they could have it painted. Because

  47. I have a 2007 Rave4 .The paint is pealing on the top of the car and it’s rusting.I took it to Toyato.They keep it over a week.Then called me and said it wasn’t on the recall.But they painted the passenger side.But nothing else on the car
    They said it wasn’t on the recall.They painted that because they said it was not on the recall.One year before this they did all the paperwork.Then they called me to bring it in to paint.After they stated painting it that’s when they knew it was 2007.What can I do.

  48. I have a 2007 Rave4.When the Toyota deal ship called me to bring it in too paint it.It was there for over a week They painted the little parts they sanded.They said it was not on the recall.It took them over a year to tell me that after they wrote it a years a go.

  49. I have a 2015 white highlander. The paint is coming off all over the top. A big Volleyball size on a panel on right side and bumper hood doors and They said it would abe a year before they can even get to it. I want on the list

  50. My 2014 Rav 4 is peeling. I would like to get in on this if possible. They sent me a letter telling me mine had a recall, took it in for them to document it in May 2021 and still waiting.

  51. I would like information regarding this lawsuit. I have a 2016 blue Toyota Corolla that now is peeling on every single panel. Furious as Toyota will do nothing about it.

  52. I would like to be included.
    I have a 2015 Nautical Blue 4Runner. The clear coat is peeing from the entire roof. Now spreading to the hood and back door.
    I contacted the dealer I bought it from as they hid this with an amazing detail job. They refuse. I contacted Toyota and they refuse.

  53. My radiant red Tacoma have peeling clearcoat –hood, roof and spreading. Called Toyota 2 times regarding this to see if included in the recall. No help. Have discovered many 2nd Gen Tacoma’s that color have the same issue.

    Include me in the class action.

  54. How do I get my paint issue resolved. My 2016 Tacoma is not part of the vin number nor vehicle type they are covering. My paint looks Horrible! I can’t sell it nor do I even want to drive it. I’m very very disappointed with Toyota and the way the local dealers are mishandling this huge issue.
    Sadly I’ll never buy another Toyota after this. Worse part of it all, this was my FIRST NEW VEHICLE! Never again!!!

  55. How do I get my paint issue resolved. My 2014 Tundra Snow White is not part of the vin number nor vehicle type they are covering. My paint looks Horrible! I can’t sell it nor do I even want to drive it. I’m very very disappointed with Toyota and the way the local dealers are mishandling this huge issue.

  56. Oh help help !!!

    I own 2 Toyotas. Both 2014’s.
    RAV4 & Corolla. Both BLUE CRUSH color.
    Both in excellent condition and low mileage.

    These cars ? ? are my babies. I take extraordinarily good care of them.

    NOW…. The paint is all of a sudden coming off in flakes! All around the door Jams but it’s getting bigger and bigger.

    I spent $60,000 on these kids of mine. I am completely broken hearted ??❤️‍?!!!

    Help Help ME please. Whatever you need. I’ll do.
    Save my babies.

  57. I have a 2015 nautical blue 4Runner and the clear coating is peeling off. Called corporate and they were not willing to help. I would love to join a class action lawsuit !!

  58. I have the same problem on a 2011 lexus rx350 and being yold not under warranty. The dealer has seen the progression over the last few years. Would like to be part of the class action

  59. Hi, 2010 Rav 4 , White with peeling clear coat. It’s not peeled to the metal and I don’t think they will repaint it under extended warranty.

  60. I have a 2018 Tacoma with the paint on the roof peeling. I would like to join this class action. The dealership says its out of warranty.

  61. I own a white 2014 Toyota Tacoma that the paint is peeling from the door jams, under the hood, places not even exposed to the elements! Now it just started peeling from the outside, below my window trim. Can’t even wash my truck without paint flaking off everwhere. Took my truck to dealership where I purchased it and they offered me $2000 towards the problem, which is not even in the ballpark of the cost to repair! Contacted Toyota Corporate Headquarters and they were rude, and unreceptive to my problem and said I had no case against them! Its time we all ban together to file class action lawsuit against Toyota who is denying there paint defect, and descriminating against curtains make and models, that all have the same paint issues!

  62. I have 2011 Rav 4 Limited with the paint coming off all over the my car. I would like to join the class action suit. When I purchased the auto they did not tell me about the paint issue and in fact there was a huge area on the roof that they had to paint before I could take the car. The dealership says it is out of warranty.

  63. I have a 2022 Sequoia and have paint issues from fading clear coat in some areas to rust developing on front fenders. Doesn’t seem like dealerships want to honor paint warranty I’ll be taking it on next week to see what the dealership manager says.

    Anyways I’ll like to be included in this.


  64. I have a 2020 Sequoia and have paint issues from fading clear coat in some areas to rust developing on front fenders. Doesn’t seem like dealerships want to honor paint warranty I’ll be taking it on next week to see what the dealership manager says.

    Anyways I’ll like to be included in this.


  65. Toyota Paint Peeling

    Hi, I contacted Toyota USA and they told me that they have a problem with certain years of their paint peeling and mine has been doing that and I asked him to repair it and they said no. I see that there is a class action going on and I was wondering if I could be a part of it?

  66. 2010 Corolla, red. Peel started at hood and spread to roof and trunk. Dealer said due to bird droppings not being promptly cleaned up. I noted to Dealer that my other car, a 2004 Honda didn’t have same problem. I see a lot of same car here in Florida with same problem. I’ll happily leave lawsuit instructions on all these cars if this gets traction.

  67. How can I get my paint problem fixed on my 2014 Pearl White Sequoia. Been on some magical Toyota list since 4/2021. Local Toyota dealer (Step One Toyota of Firt Walton Beach, FL) where I purchased the vehicle said it’ll be at least 2 more years before it would be taken care of. There will be no paint left on the vehicle by then. Don’t Buy Toyota!!!!

  68. So Toyota has already recalled vehicles from 2008 on up for the super white and the blizzard white paint recall to be fixed at dealerships. You can check with Toyota website or the national highway transportation safety website for recalls.

    I myself have a 2006 RAV4 painted in blizzard White 040 color. It is not included in the recall. But it’s chipping all over and this is frustrating because the 2006 is the same body style as a 2008 and it’s the same paint used. But because it’s older it most likely was included in the recall because they don’t care about older cars.

    You can call Toyota customer service 1 888 270-9371
    To make a complaint if your vehicle is not included in the recall. If there are enough complaints it could trigger a recall for the makes and model years that weren’t included. Everyone needs to call up customer service and make a complaint it’s really easy to get to a person they write it down they record it.

    But to cover your ass I would also make a complaint to the NHTSA website and note the issue in their safety report that you can make online. It is considered a safety issue even though it’s paint. This is where you also find the recall and all that make some years that are already included.

    Annoyed that Toyota would skip fixing the earlier years SUVs that are the same body style and paint color and have the same problem as the ones included in the recall.

    That’s bad customer service and bad on them. Not to say it’s not equitable because people who have these older cars are more likely lower income. This diminishes the resale value and is hindering the customer who’s already low income. Shame on them.

  69. My 2016 4Runner metallic grey looks like the clear coat (Final Coat) came off my hood and roof. Looks horrible no gloss and totally scratched up.

    Would I qualify for the lawsuit? And how can I get more info?

  70. My 2015 Toyota Venza (orchid white/blizzard) pearl finish has chipped paint off the all four doors which I have been trying to keep under control with their touchup paint…which is horrible and doesn’t even match or cover. I went to my Toyota dealership today and they pointed out the paint has chipped off the roof of the car in large chunks. You can see the paint bubbling up where it will flake off any moment. The Toyota rep told me there wasn’t a recall for the vehicle. I was advised to foot the bill for an entire paint job and keep the receipt in case there is a recall in the future.


  71. I have. 2015 Toyota Corolla. I noticed small chips in the paint a couple years ago and have found it had gotten progressively worse. The entire clear coat on the roof of my car has peeled away. The back and front hood are peeling and fading. Now the sides are starting to peel. I should also mention that not long after I purchased the car, I found the paint completely peeled off on the inside crevices of the hood and doors.

  72. 2013 Prius 4, pearl white paint. I get home from a 10 mile round trip to the grocery store and a chunk of paint(front bumper area) 2 or 3 inches of paint is just gone. I’ve owned a Supra, 2 4×4 pickups, Sienna, Camry and now a Prius. Come on Toyota now….. don’t fade in the stretch and cheat folks. Toyota needs to square up are do right so yes I would like to join in the effort to get my vehicle made complete again.

  73. My 2015 toyota has haf bubbling paint since I bought it but I did not notice when I bought it and my Toyota is blue I would like to be on this as well

  74. Hi. My 08 Tacoma h the same paint issue. Now the primer is lifting and I am down to bare metal. Has anyone here had any luck with Toyota? Does anyone know a good next step?
    Thank you!

  75. My 2017 white color Corolla is having the same issue at the top near the sunroof. All the toyota locations are giving me the run around.

  76. rave 4 2007 pearl white peeling all over started in 2018 now its looking bad and its not from elements thepaint is no good im a senior dont drive to much just to doctor and store when i need to need to have toyota to correct this with out cost from me . dont have a lot of miles on my car only 50069 read on my car.

  77. Hello,

    I have 2016 Camry on the recall. After one year of notice, I got an appointment with dealership and then sent me to the body shot for repair estimate. I got an estimate, but I have no schedule for repair work. The body shop said they don’t repair the paint peeling issue, but I can talk to Toyota corporate. I talked to customer support at the corporate and they told me to go back to the dealership and staying on the waiting list.

    Not much help without the appointment for the repair.

  78. Contact me……I have a 2020 Tacoma in super white with peeling paint on rear doors……4000 out of warranty. Shame on Toyota not stepping up!

  79. How can I join the class-action lawsuit? I have a 2012 Rav4 with the paint peeling for the last 7 years.

  80. 2014 Toyota Rav4 white paint issue

    We bought this Rav4 brand new from my local dealer. Within the last week, huge strips of paint have peeled off both sides.

    My local Toyota dealer does not have a paint/body shop and doesn’t really seem to care about the issue. They tell me there is a 2-year waiting list for them to do anything. Then they brush me off.

    What can I do?

  81. I have a claim in to Toyota also for my 2017 Tacoma p/u. Will gladly get in on the suit,please let me know.

  82. I have a 2011 Toyota corolla i was out of town the past 3 weeks and came home to my entire trunk and roof without paint. i googled the issue today and found there was a recall – i took my car into Toyota and was told that IF I would have brought it in my 12/11 they would have taken care of it. this cannot be legal – i would like to start a class action. i have names, estimates, and photos

  83. I have a 2009 Toyota corella, I took my car in to get a professional wax done and in a few short weeks my car had no shine and it was worse then before I brought it in. I had called the dealership again and they said they would do another wax coating which they did and again in a few weeks to a month the same thing happened but it was even worse then the first time. My car has less then then 70 thousand miles and I want to keep it but this is uncalled for that this is happening. When I called a detail shop they told me they see hundreds of people that have the same problem with Toyota cars and he mentioned why. Let’s get this resolved already and fix the paint job the way it should of been done from the get go !

  84. Thank you for contacting Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

    We are sorry to learn you are experiencing a bubbling paint concern in your 2017 Toyota Yaris.

    According to your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), VNKKTUD36HA07####, the warranty for the concern you are inquiring is 3 years, or 36k miles, whichever comes first starting from the vehicle’s in-service date: 01/23/2017. We have confirmed there are no recalls or extended warranty programs related to your paint concern.

    While there are situations where we gladly look into out of warranty financial assistance requests, we are simply unable to offer any assistance due to the age/mileage of your vehicle. If we do initiate any type of Safety Recall Campaign (SSC) in the future, you will be notified directly via first class mail.

    We know this is not the response you were hoping to receive, and understand the reasons for bringing this request to us. The experience you have had with your 2017 Toyota Yaris is important to Toyota, and the information has been documented under reference #221219002609. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us.


    Toyota Brand Engagement Center

    To view this inquiry, please visit the link below and enter your email and reference number.

    Reference Number #221219002609

  85. Hi guys,

    Have you had any luck? My paint is pealing off all over my RAV4 2011 and I’ve been quoted over $5000 to fix it ?

  86. I have a 2022 Toyota Camry XSE blizzard Pearl paint is cracking All around hood and A pillar Has 8000 miles
    So disappointed

  87. Horrible paint on my 2007 Prius. Hood, roof and trunk. Havre not been able to get any response from Toyota. I have had 3 other Prius and all had the same paint problems.

  88. RAV4 2008 Le. V6.. 2 yrs ago. Paint peeling along all adjoining parts.. dealer said 2008 not in fix plan but to wait for new notice for this model. Nothing has ever come.. paint chipping much worse.. please add me to Class , Action suit.

  89. My 2010 Tacoma cab top and hood are severely showing pitting and clear coat disintegration. How may I join the class action?

  90. My Toyota 2009 Corolla the blue paint is flaking off and now you can see rust spots on the hood, roof, and trunk of my car

  91. I am interested in joining this class action. I received notice that my 2011 RAV4 with “Super White” paint may have this issue. Unfortunately, the paint started peeling 2 weeks after the Toyota warranty “expired,” so Toyota just said “Sorry!” Like a bad paint job will “go away” after some random date.

  92. Black forrest pearl paint peeling. Took to the toyota body shop, had pictures done and they were supposed to file a claim with toyota. They never sent in the claim, just looked at a recall list and said it wasn’t on it

  93. Same problem with cement 2018 Tacoma on top of cab and hood. Please provide class action lawsuit if it is still open to join.

  94. I am interested in joining your class action. I have a white 2017 Toyota Tacoma the paint is peeling around all 4 side windows and also on engine compartment The Toyota body where i bought it want $4000 to fix it Im on social security
    Thank you

  95. I am interested in joining this class action. Please provide a class action lawsuit if it is still open to join. My Toyota 2010 Corolla the white paint is flaking off and now you can see rust spots on the hood, roof, and trunk of my car.

  96. Hello, my name is Richard I have a 2017 Toyota Tacoma with the paint code 040 super white. On January 4, 2022, I noticed large amounts of paint peeling on my door jams, hood, underneath the hood, and roof. I have very low mileage under 50,000 miles on my White Toyota Tacoma. The paint is separating from the E coat like all the others that they’ve already worked on most all their sedans. Please help I don’t know what to do at this point.

  97. 2016 Tacoma and 2015 Camry both having clear coat bubbling/peeling issues.
    went to Toyota body shop with 2015 Camry and they said bird poo/tree sap causing issue we have no trees in yard and don’t park under trees, they said there was nothing they could do. Cars Tacoma only has 37000 miles and Camry 17000 miles. Sign me up for a class action suit.

  98. Toyota paint problem

    I own a 2014 Toyota Rav 4 and the paint is peeling around the inner door and door frame is there a class action law sute against Toyota that I can take part in?
    Edward Raczka

  99. My 2016 corolla is peeling and Toyota has treated me like crap….they are dismissive and rude…they said they can only re spray little areas???? The entire metal needs a re is going to happen all over my car not just little spots!!!

  100. I have a 2013 Lexus CT200h with Super White color and it’s also having paint peeling problem everywhere. I brought it to two local Lexus dealerships and their paint specialist verified it’s manufacturer paint problem like the GX model in a previous class action lawsuit and other Toyota models. However they decline to fix mine because they said my VIN is not included in that customer support program. Help!!

  101. I own a 2014 Toyota Camry and have received a notification from Customer Support stating to bring my vehicle to the Toyota Dealer for inspection regarding paint peeling. They did an inspection and I was told that it would be between one to one and a half years before they could get it to the body shop that they are contracted with due to the long list of cars with the same issue. They only want to make the repairs that are present now but after that any peeling is on me. The entire car needs to be repainted due to the fact that they didn’t spray the adhesive on the metal before spraying the clear coat yet they refuse to repaint the entire vehicle which I will eventually have to pay for. Is the class action suit still ongoing if so I’d like to join to get my vehicle fixed the correct way and they only want to put a bandage on a serious wound.

    1. I would like to be part of this class action lawsuit. Please send me information in regards to this. Thank you

    2. My 2017 Tacoma’s paint is bad. I would like to be part of this class action lawsuit. Please send me information in regards to this. Thank you

    3. At least your vehicle is listed under the customer support program. When I call Lexus they gave me all bunch of BS saying my VIN (CT200h) is not listed, and that they will not cover the peeling paint issue. I want to start another class action law suit to include my CT model too….Lexus dealer quoted me $7800 just to blend the peeling paint portion.

  102. Does anyone know which law firm established the class action lawsuit for the Toyota and Lexus GX model peeling paint?

  103. I like to be part law action group
    I have a Toyota Corolla 2012 model. The paint has just started peeling on the door and roof over the past 2 months its getting bad

  104. I have a whits 2011 Rav 4 with serious paint issues! It was brought to Toyota attention and they say I missed the cutoff date. So now I drive around with a buildboard of why you should NEVER buy a white Toyota!

  105. I purchased a used 2015 corolla last year and now having paint chipping issues . The car is white . It appears Toyota is not doing much to rectify this defective paint job.

  106. I also need help. I have a 2017 white Tacoma that is peeling bad in all parts of the truck now. I contacted them in 2021 a couple times with just 40k miles, only the paint on the doors were peeling, now almost all panels are peeling and they said they can’t do anything about it but that it’s a known issue. They agreed to fix many Toyota models with the 040 super white paint but tacomas are not included for an unknown reason

  107. I have a 2010 Blizzard White RAV4, paint is peeling off in chunks. I take pride in my vehicles, keeping them clean, serviced, etc. Toyota should stand behind their product. Don’t think I will ever purchase another Toyota again. It’s such a shame!!

  108. My 2017 Tacoma TRD Offroad has the dreaded flaking super white paint on the rear door pillars. It’s getting worse everyday. I would like to be a part of this class action lawsuit. It is unacceptable that Toyota covers every other model except Tacoma.

  109. I have a 2012 Camry that I have been trying to get info on and now they are telling me that my time frame has expired but cant tell me when it expired. It is peeling EVERYWHERE! How can I get in on this class action lawsuit please.

  110. I have a 2014 Blue Toyota Corolla the paint is peeling off the trunk, the hood and inside the doors. It’s is unacceptable that Toyota covers everything else but doesn’t cover the paint that is peeling off the off my car like it was painted with house paint. My husband has a blue 2014 Toyota Tacoma and his is doing the same thing. We’re afraid to wash it too much because the paint seems to come off even more. I would like to be part of this class action lawsuit.

  111. 2020 Tacoma Predator with miserably thin 040 white paint around the doors that is peeling. Currently asking for consideration from Toyota but I know from everyone online this is going to be a constant issue for the life of the vehicle. Toyota has reputation for standing behind there products (tacoma frames).
    …..I remind everyone that Lawyers help them to a significant degree with there corporate conscious. I WANT IN ON A CLASS ACTION SUIT!

  112. 2011 RAV4 pearl white that has all kinds of pain issues and Toyota doesn’t want to do anything to fix it because I didn’t get it there before the December 12, 2022 cut off date.
    It’s a defect, and Toyota should fix it

  113. My 2017 white tacoma is also peeling. Went to the dealership last year and they said my truck does not apply to this peeling issue and it’s common so they can’t do anything about it. I want in on this law suit if it’s still on going .

  114. My Toyota Rav 4 2015 use to be white, now its gray and white… in the near future it’s going to be white, gray and rust. Seriously, I’ve been on a waiting list from 8/21/2021, and was told it would be probably 3 years till they can get to my car. I called today for an update and was told they were trying to finish up the 2013 now and calling the 2014 to set appointments for them stating in Nov of 23 through 2024. He said that 2015 would not be scheduled till 2025. They are able to do 2 cars a month!!! 2 cars? I may be dead before they get to my car. This is unacceptable! What can be done about this?

  115. I have a 2013 scion FR-S red. The clearcoat is peeling everywhere. Toyota says its not covered. How do I get in on the lawsuit?

  116. I have a 2015 blue Toyota Corolla which is peeling on the front left side. I would also like to join the lawsuit.

  117. I have a 2015 Toyota Camry Black. The paint is starting to peel and bubble on the doors, hood, top of the car, and trunk. Spots are starting to rust now. In some spots, white is showing through where paint came off. This is not ok. Toyota needs to fix the issue. How do I get in on the lawsuit?

  118. I had no idea so many people are having this issue! I just thought it was me! But recently I saw another Toyota exact same issue so I knew it wasn’t a coincidence! My Toyota 2005 Carroll looks horrible! Looks like crap! All the paint or clear coat is peeled from the roof hood and top of trunk. It’s starting to rust now! I’m so mad! Has anyone gotten answers?

  119. 2017 Toyota Tacoma roof paint completely faded,mirrors clear coat peeling and doors are starting to oxidize like the roof. Toyota said they would pay for half of the cost to fix those issues but i feel like the rest of the truck is going to do the same thing, like the hood fenders tailgate. Not real happy with there solution.

  120. I have a 2012 Rav 4 with pearl white paint. In Dec 2022 the paint on my rear passenger door blew off the car. It’s pealing in several spots and Toyata refuses to fix it. Excuse: out of warranty. I would love to join the class action suit. Please include me.

  121. I just purchased a 2023 GR Supra in Nitro Yellow less than a week ago and noticed the clearcoat is missing in two quarter sized spots on the front of the hood after taking the tape off that the dealership had used for protection upon delivering my car. I would like to be included in this lawsuit as a preemptive measure in case the dealership jim bagan toyota of south lake tahoe refuses to resolve the issue.

  122. I am getting ready to file a lawsuit. My paint is chipping off my 2021 Toyota Camry. I reported this issue within the first 6 months and Toyota isn’t doing anything about it.
    Also, there is a lawsuit about windshields cracking and Toyota isn’t doing anything about that either.
    I will be putting together an email just for this issue and will be hiring out a lawyer.. If you want to be included please let me know.

  123. I have the blue 2015 toyota corolla with paint defect issues and Toyota will not remedy it. I have been calling for two years and three cases they keep closing on me. Toyota is culpable and refuse to make loyal consumers whole.

    You can watch my youtube video here

    and please sign the petition here:

    Please let me know how to be part of a class action law suite

  124. I have a 2018 Tacoma with fading paint on the hood and roof. Toyota refuses to fix the issue and gave me a case #. I wish to join the class action suit.

  125. 2015 rav 4 pearl white hood an roof peeling can I get in on the lawsuit? Are they painting anyvehicles after dec 2022? Hopefully someone responds dennis

  126. I am also interested and disgusted by the peeling paint. Why is Tacoma not included in the paint peeling recall? what can we do???

  127. I have a 2016 Toyota Tacoma, blizzard white paint and was pretty much told to pound sand when I talked to corporate. Please involve me in the lawsuit.

  128. I don’t see Tacoma’s listed, but I see from owners forums, that many are having paint issues with the TRD Sport models. The problem with mine is a loss of clear coat on the cab of my 2018, and it’s turning white in patches. My understanding is that the next step with be total loss of paint and then rusting. How do we get the Tacomas added to this suite?

  129. Peeling and chipping paint

    I had taken my 2010 Rav4 to a dealer about this problem last year. They had it repainted. A few weeks ago I found more paint problems on my car. I took my car back to the dealership. The service manager took pictures, sent them to Toyota. To my surprise he called me a few days later and told me that Toyota would not cover the repair. because the deadline for repairs was over. That same service manager had told me when asked if more spots were detected Toyota would cover the repair, just bring the car back. Why didn’t they repaint the entire call the first time? Now I’m stuck with chipping paint. With winter around the corner I believe it will get worse.

  130. I have a 2003 Silver Corolla that has the paint on the roof cracking and rusting andthe hood cracking with faded spots. It started three years ago. Can I get into the class action lawsuit

  131. Paint peeling off my 2013 Toyota Sequoia Platinum

    I recently noticed paint peeling from my 2013 Toyota Sequoia Platinum. I contacted my local Toyota dealer and stated my concern. They said they couldn’t do anything for me. I then called Toyota Corporate and they said they had a paint recall but it expired 10 years after the purchased date. Toyota Corporate also claimed they mailed the notice, which I never received. The recall expired for my vehicle April 2023. I went to a body shop to get an estimate, they told me it would be around $16,000 for the paint job. My car is in excellent condition.

  132. Please Include me in the lawsuit. I have a 2013 pearl white Toyota 4runner with peeling paint. Toyota has told me there is nothing they can do. They tell me I missed the recall by nine months. My car only has 66,000 miles on it.

  133. Please add me to the lawsuit. We have a 2013 Toyota 4runner with 66,000 miles. The paint is peeling all over. It is a blizzard pearl white. We were in the latest recall but received no second letter. They are refusing to fix it saying we are nine months too late.
    Thank you

  134. I have a 2008 Toyota Highlander that I just had repainted. My paint job cost me $6500.00. My Highlander was bought new and shows 70,000 miles. The clear coat started peeling about 5 years ago and kept getting worse. Other than the paint it has been an extremely good car. We decided to go the repaint instead of a new car. I have owned 5 new Toyotas of various models. This is only I have had issue with paint. I would definitely like reimbursement for repaint!!!! I am very much interested in class action.

  135. I have a 2013 blizzard pearl RAV4 that has been peeling paint for a year and a half now. last year they repaired it on two doors and my entire roof. when I went back in October for more peeling paint, they said that two weeks earlier the client satisfaction account has been closed. there has to be something that we can all do to make sure that these cars are covered for issues like this. it is absolutely baffling to me that they are not backing this by law. how is this possible?? is there an attorney here that can help us? or are we just voicing our opinions?

  136. I have a 2015 Toyota Tacoma that the clear coat has been deteriorating for years. It was parked in the garage when not used for approximately 3 years, then under a Costco canopy tent for another 3 years and has only been parked outside for about 3 years. Always used Meguiar’s car wash and was waxed with Meguiar’s Ultimate two to three times a year. Please let me know if there is a class action lawsuit against Toyota that I can get in on

  137. I have a 2013 Rav4 with the white pearl paint that is peeling off. The dealer and Toyota Corp wont do a thing. I would also like to join the lawsuit….

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