Car Accident Attorneys

Car Accident

A car accident attorney will be your advocate throughout the legal process. They will make sure your story is heard and that you are compensated for your injuries.

An experienced lawyer will be familiar with legal deadlines (called statutes of limitations) and any special exceptions that may apply to your case. They will also be able to explain complex legal concepts.


Car accident attorneys have years of schooling, training, and hands-on experience dealing with all aspects of a car accident claim. They know how to gather the necessary evidence in a case, including police reports, medical records and bills, employment and lost wage information, and property damage. They also have experience negotiating with insurance companies and understand the full range of tactics they may employ to deny or reduce an injured person’s recovery.

In addition to addressing the victim’s immediate losses, injury lawyers consider future needs as well. This includes how the injuries will affect a person’s ability to work in the future and the impact on their quality of life.

Often the cause of a car accident is not solely the fault of one party. Roadway defects, for example, can be a major factor in accidents. In these cases, an experienced lawyer may call on experts to determine if the roadway was defectively designed, constructed or maintained.

Knowledge of the Law

Car accidents can cause devastating injuries that can impact a person’s life in profound ways. A qualified New York City car accident attorney knows the law inside and out and can maximize your compensation for all damages associated with a crash.

In addition to understanding the legal process, a knowledgeable car accident lawyer can provide valuable insight into your own case. For example, he or she can help you calculate the total value of your damages based on your current and future medical bills, loss of income, property damage, and other expenses.

A car accident attorney can also guide you through New York’s unique insurance laws, which can significantly affect your compensation. He or she will know how to spot tactics by an insurance company that may be trying to undervalue your claim and can take appropriate action accordingly. This can include taking the insurer to court to recover even more than you originally hoped for.


Car accident attorneys know how to protect their clients and make sure they are receiving all the damages they deserve. An attorney will take care of all communications with the insurance company and protect the client from unscrupulous debt collectors.

New York law allows victims to pursue economic and non-economic damages from an at-fault party. Economic damages are those tied to financial losses such as medical bills, lost wages, and vehicle repair expenses. Non-economic damages are more difficult to quantify and include emotional trauma and physical pain.

When you are involved in a car crash, you can be under considerable stress and may say or do things that could later harm your case. An experienced New York City car accident lawyer will prevent you from making a mistake that could cost you money in your settlement. They will also help you determine how much your injuries are worth, which is important to avoid settling for less than what you need.

Negotiation Skills

Car accident attorneys are adept at countering the tactics employed by insurance companies to ensure victims receive fair compensation. This is made possible by their extensive experience, deep understanding of legal complexities, solid strategy development, and ability to protect clients’ rights throughout the legal process.

They conduct thorough investigations into the circumstances surrounding your accident, interview witnesses, review police reports and medical records, and consult experts as necessary. This meticulous approach helps establish liability and ensures that all responsible parties are held accountable.

Moreover, car accident attorneys are adept at calculating damages. This includes evaluating tangible losses such as medical expenses and property damage, as well as intangible losses like pain and suffering. They can also help you file the right paperwork and ensure that all required documents are filed within prescribed timeframes. This saves you valuable time while you focus on recovering from your injuries. They also handle all communication with the insurance company on your behalf.

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