Richard Herman, Attorney and Founder of Herman Legal Group

Richard Herman is a highly respected immigration lawyer specializing in the field of business counseling, real estate, and estate planning. He also serves as a neutral mediator and arbitrator. Before establishing his practice, Herman gained extensive experience in the public sector. He was a Special Counsel to the New York State Legislature on regulatory reform, as well as an ambassador to China. His practice in New York City and beyond is complemented by his work as a CNN legal analyst.

Richard Herman is an immigration lawyer

Richard Herman is an immigration lawyer and co-author of High Skill Immigration Policy. His firm has a global clientele, and he serves world-class companies and talents in more than 10 languages. He was named a Super Lawyer by Ohio Super Lawyer magazine for seven years. In addition to being a top lawyer in his field, Richard Herman is also a member of the Silicon Valley-based Indus Entrepreneurs Association.

Upon graduation, Richard Herman earned a law degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Law. After practicing law in Cleveland, he founded Herman Legal Group. Today, Herman is a highly regarded immigration lawyer and a member of the “Super Lawyers” list. Super Lawyers evaluate attorneys according to a variety of criteria. Attorneys with these credentials have proven their skills and dedication to their clients.

He is a legal analyst on CNN

In this episode of CNN’s “Legal Insight,” Richard Herman, an attorney from Ohio, blows up about the latest allegations against Rep. Jim Jordan. Jordan is accused of a role in the infamous Ohio State University wrestling scandal. Herman told Fredricka Wilson on the show that there’s a long road ahead. The judge in the case will make the decision, but what will be Herman’s role?

Herman is widely recognized as a thought leader in the legal field and is one of the most successful trial lawyers in the nation. He’s been featured in numerous high-profile cases, including CBS 60 Minutes and CNBC’s American Greed. Richard Herman has appeared as a legal analyst on CNN regularly for the last fifteen years. In addition to his legal work, he also teaches at Duke University and the University of Miami. In addition, he regularly gives lectures to attorneys and judges at universities across the country and has appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, The View, and countless other news outlets.

He is an author

Richard Herman, attorney, and founder of Herman Legal Group is an activist for welcoming immigrants and a co-author of the internationally acclaimed book Immigrant, Inc. His goal is to inspire people to embrace immigrants as they bring the power of diversity and the promise of American opportunity. Richard Herman earned his law degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Law. His book explains how immigrants contribute to America’s economic growth and how they are saving American workers’ jobs.

Herman has a knack for techno-thrillers. His latest thriller is a techno-thriller set in Iraq after the Second World War. In this futuristic world, Iraq has not recovered from the war that brought the world to its knees. The plot is split between the present and a post-World War II era, where a drug-smuggling organization kidnaps the daughter of a powerful senator and plans to use her as a hostage. USAF Col. Mat Poniatowski is pressed into government service and a peacekeeping mission in South Africa.

He is a former law firm partner of Joseph Richichi

The former lawyer and judge began his legal career as a prosecutor in the Public Integrity Section of the Department of Justice. In 1992, he was appointed to the Columbia Superior Court. He served as a judge for five years. In his free time, he wrote, researched, and acted as an adviser to the district attorney. His work in the legal community has shaped the way we view our nation.

He is a member of the American Bar Association

Mr. Herman is a member of the American Bar Association and the Louisiana State Bar Association. He is also a Diplomat of Trial Advocacy at the National College of Advocacy. He has served as faculty for the American Bar Association’s Trial Advocacy College and the National College of Advocacy’s Essentials of Civil Litigation College. He also serves on the faculty of the AAJ’s Ultimate Trial Skills College.

Richard Herman is an immigration attorney and co-founder of Herman Legal Group. His firm serves world-class companies and global talent in ten languages. He is also a co-author of the highly-acclaimed book Immigrant, Inc., which explains how immigrants are driving the new economy and saving American workers. Mr. Herman received his law degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Law.

He is married to Lis Wiehl

If you are wondering whether Richard Herman is married to Lis Well, you are not alone. The actress is also married to a legal analyst who is also a New York Times bestselling author. Lis Wiehl has appeared on The O’Reilly Factor and the Imus morning shows. In her previous career, she was a federal prosecutor. Lis Wiehl was also the co-host of the Bill O’Reilly radio show for seven years.

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