The Class Action Lawsuit Against Atlas Shingles

If you’re one of the many people who own or rent property in Phoenix and have contracted the unfortunate situation of suffering from Atlas shingleschatter, you’re certainly not alone. Over the past decade, there’s been an influx of companies that’ve offered alternatives to the Atlas shingle warranty. Many of these have offered dramatically lower cost substitutes or claims regarding low-quality performance. It’s also important to understand that some of these “replacement” companies have been known to provide sub-par workmanship as well. In addition, many of these low-cost alternatives have only been made available to customers who require asbestos-free roofing materials.

So what has brought about the legal issue concerning Atlas shingles? These 3 companies all offer low-cost, reliable roofing materials, yet these lines were allegedly not up to par with their usual standards. According to a class action lawsuit filed against Atlas by a class action lawsuit plaintiffs, the Chalet brand is prone to water infiltration which causes premature blistering, chipping, and excessive structural damage to the roof. The same lawsuit further claims that Chalet’s warranty paperwork was often ambiguous and inadequate. And lastly, according to the complaint, that there was little to no customer service from either company representative.

The Chalet and Atlas shingle class action lawsuit asserts that these companies knew about the defective manufacturing processes used in their products, yet still did not correct the situation. Essentially, they pursued a business model that put profit ahead of safety. When a customer develops a problem with one of their installations, they typically seek out a shingle roofing manufacturer to solve the issue. Once it is discovered that the shingle is indeed defective, or worse yet, already failed while on the roof, they will typically try to contact the customer before a settlement deal has been reached with Atlas or Chalet. The unfortunate result of such a move is that the faulty shingle is re-installed, posing a risk of injury to the consumer and unnecessary exposure to toxic and dangerous materials.

As you may have guessed, roofing contractors also fall into this category of deceptive businesses. In many instances, a roofing contractor will contact a potential customer, offer a lowball price for a shingle, and install the shingles themselves, ignoring any potential risk of damage or defective installation processes. This results in the same problems above, except this time, the shingle is installed improperly causing even more problems. A class action lawsuit filed against several different roofing contractors claims that these “short sale” tactics are deceptive and often take advantage of homeowners.

In order to avoid such dangers, most consumers are better off hiring a local roofing contractor and leaving the task to them. However, Atlas Shingles is not your average roofing contractor, many of whom have earned their business through integrity and hard work, which is why the lawsuit has been brought against them. The complaint revolves around the fact that the company does not make it clear that they do not sell their shingles but rather only sell their replacement product. This allows them to place a “made to order” roof on a home without disclosing that they sold inferior products. While it may be true that an Atlas Shingles roofing contractor can replace your existing shingles, there is simply no way that they can replace them for you with anything but the best products available.

In addition to failing to make it clear that they do not sell their own shingles, Atlas Shingles also installs its own roofing shingles, which can be extremely dangerous. In addition, because of their ownership structure, they often install defective shingles which, in the long run, cost homeowners more in repairs than if they had purchased from a local roofer. Many owners of this type of business have moved on to other types of contractors and are no longer making it clear to consumers that they do not sell their own roof shingles. As long as the Atlas Shingles Class Action Lawsuit holds up, homeowners will have a legal right to demand that they are sold authentic Atlas Shingles.

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