Targeted Individuals Lawsuit 2019

The ‘targeted individuals’ are caught inside an elaborate and vicious harassment program. This “noise campaign” does not stop at localized abuse, nor does it stop at mental illnesses. It is far worse than that. A recent article by Fox News described the abuse as “an epidemic on a national scale.”

They are victims of a “noise campaign”

Despite the plight of people with hearing impairment, many noise complaints are ignored. Many of them don’t even contact the American Civil Liberties Union, which reports cases of illegal harassment and discrimination in local communities. Even environmental health officers are unaware of the psychological toll of noise. Val Gibson, who works as a sales executive, quit her job after suffering the effects of excessive noise. She no longer enjoys music with heavy bass. To raise awareness about the plight of people who suffer from excessive noise, she set up an anti-noise campaign and within a week, she found many fellow sufferers.

The noise campaign is orchestrated to produce stress in the Targeted Individual by repeatedly exposing them to the same things over again. Noise campaigns are often funded by the government and are considered a form of gangstalking. However, noise campaigns are a distinct class of crime that deserves attention. They are a form of targeted harassment and deserve a high level of legal protection.

They are not just a local phenomenon

Caleb Newton is one such example of a targeted individual in the local area. He describes himself as a “gypsy soul” who has worked in church and on military bases. When he was arrested in June, he was able to identify his suspect by looking up their overnight shipping labels on the internet. Fortunately, his case wasn’t limited to California. His case was documented by the American Civil Liberties Union, which published information on targeted individuals around the nation.

They are not just a case of mental illness

The allegations in the targeted individual’s lawsuit 2019 are not only about the mental illness of the perpetrators but also about the targeting of innocent people. The victims of targeted individuals, who call themselves “targeted individuals,” believe that they are victims of a worldwide phenomenon known as “gangstalking.” These videos and social media posts can be found across the country. It is not just an instance of mental illness.

They are suing the FBI

Protesters are suing the FBI for targeting them, alleging that the surveillance practices violate the First Amendment and intimidate protesters. The Black Panther Party, founded 50 years ago, was the target of a COINTELPRO-like program, and the lawsuit alleges that the federal government systematically monitored social media accounts and peaceful protests against police killings of black men. The plaintiffs point to evidence that shows the FBI used “Stingray simulator” technology to monitor protesters.

The ACLU and MediaJustice sued the FBI last March, releasing a large volume of documents detailing the agency’s surveillance practices. The documents were heavily redacted, making them nearly incomprehensible. The FBI withheld entire paragraphs, including names and identifying information. They also withheld hundreds of pages entirely. The documents were deemed incomprehensible by the ACLU and other groups.

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  1. Equipment invite by distance? I’m targeting about 6years.I knew a woman Veselina Koleva, who send her from England Scope HR Solution Maidstone. We have a group, “Психотронни оръжия” Psihotronical weapons. We need help?

  2. In 2015 I started hearing a lot of strange sounds and high pitched noises. 24 hours a day and seven days a week. I havent slept in several years and this is still ongoing till today. My symptoms are so severe that I am unable to work. And i have developed a reduced function capacity I have to cope with my symptoms.. So i applied for social security disability but they want to diagnose me with schizophrenia. And i am not even crazy.

  3. Yes the program is Real. Dr. Robert Duncan invented it to be done by AI now.
    He has written books about it. How To Tame a Demon, Soul Catcher and others.
    Interview Him, Raise Awareness to the Civil Rights Atrocity going on here in America Right Now.
    Russell V Tucker, Targeted Individual

  4. I would like help in raising awareness against electronic harassment such as V2K, and other psychotronic weapons, over the last 2.5 years ive been under attack, every waking moment I am being bombarded with thoughts or obvious computer AI generated voices, I will include a list of things they have done to me

    I was implanted with something behind my ear which I can actually feel, my neck is always swollen in that area now, I’ve had cat scans done but they apparently came back negative. I believe I was either implanted at my local hospital or at a mansion some Chinese people own that the voices told me to go to. The voices guided me to tell these people that I had a reservation to stay in their establishment, they invited me in for some time and I chatted with someone over video chat, after some communication the cops showed up and removed me from the mansion. The cops dropped me off at where I was living and waited outside of my place. I was then controlled by the voices in my head to go out the cop car and pull on the door handle, the cop immediately arrested me and I woke up in the mental hospital where they kept me for 2 weeks. This is very strange to be kept in the psych ward that long specially when I was not showing any real symptoms of mental illness. The first day in the mental hospital is when the voices were switched on and my spontaneous thoughts turned off, you may be wondering how I am writing this without spontaneous thoughts and I will get to that. The voices in my mind in the mental hospital consisted of my current doctor, psych nurses( they appeared to be telepathically speaking to me), certain celebrities like Elon musk and even Nikola Tesla played a role in these voices for a short while. The voices seemed to switch to being very repetitive, negative and not nearly as interesting as they were in the start, over the last 2.5 years they have attempted to get me to commit suicide multiple times, the most recent time resulted in a truck crash where I was hospitalized for some time. They have told me they are testing their devices and want to see how the brain reacts to them under different conditions such as constant stress, healing from brain damage, dehydration, and sleep deprivation. They have shut down/limited certain parts of my consciousness and have told me they are measuring the changes under stress. They have even told me the shutting down of certain parts can be beneficial to certain people such as criminals that have gone crazy and would possibly be done to their own people ( They often tell me they are humans from another planet that have underground bases here on earth as well the moon and that they make bodies in these bases and transmit people into them from their own planet, they do sometimes tell me they are CIA, Chinese and Russian too) whoever they are they have technology that is quite sinister, they have transmitted pedophile pornographic images/ video into my mind and field of vision regardless of whether my eyes or open or closed ,they make it difficult to breath by either increasing the inflammation in my nose or making it so I cannot take a full breath or be satisfied by the volume of breath, they lower my mood, give me very bad headaches, induce painful dreams but not often, they have made me feel very odd sensations in my brain that lead me to believe my brain was bleeding, the most odd sensations I have felt were my brain being “strapped” that’s what they called it, it felt like someone taking a needle and thread and sinching my brain together but it was not painful but felt very odd. One the most uncomfortable odd sensation was putting me in a half dream state were something was climbing into my anus and I was trying to pull it out, and then they woke me up and I had the same sensation and It felt like I was pulling a large string from my anus but in reality there was nothing there, they can make you feel like they are tapping on your body which they did to me they put the thought in that they could put me in a virtual reality and use their technology to make it feel like you’re having sex with someone, they kept hinting to me that they would do that but then would just put a miniature dancing women in my field of vision, they constantly try and get your hopes up and down, it’s part of their manipulation tactic. some other manipulation tactics they have used to induce stress is telling me constantly that my cerebral fluid system has been shut down and my brain will bleed, they would get me to do things telling me they would turn my cerebral fluid back on if I completed them, one of the ways they got me to attempt suicide was telling me my body will be controlled without me being conscious, which they can do and have done to me, when they did it nothing too bad happened but they started telling me I would be controlled to kill people, rape little kids, kill my father, and that I would be put in jail and my brain would bleed. This led me to crash my truck on purpose. It seems like these people do a lot of this for some sort of sick entertainment.

    they used some form of technology on me to cause diffuse volume loss at the start of the experiment, I could literally feel a wave of energy around me, this was done at a fairly fast rate, this shows up on brain scans as well as other forms of brain damage such as white matter changes, I had a EEG done which showed I have significant brain damage but this is probably due to the controls they have on my spontaneous thoughts, mood, ability to think on my own. Currently my consciousness is shut down to the point of being unable to think or have my own thoughts other than what is put in, it is quite odd why I am being controlled to write this message to you, there seems to have been a shift in the magnitude of attacks and types of control they have over me, I have been told that a certain planet from the galactic alliance has been overseeing this project now and is limiting what the satellites can do to me. Now I basically just experience lower mood, v2k every waking moment, and they control all my movements and sometimes play around with my electronics and vehicles, they don’t take away my Wi-Fi anymore which they did at the start, they allow me to have a job but usually control me to just lay at home and look at my phone, and they try and keep me away from my family. There is a lot more to this story, email me back if you would like to hear more or have questions. I live in British Columbia on the sunshine coast.

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