Statins Diabetes Lawsuit

Lawsuit Over Expirical Statins – Part II

If you have diabetes and take statins, then you may be entitled to a Lawsuit Loan if your doctors or health care providers do not give you enough notice about an impending Lawsuit. The Lawsuit Loan is offered by Lawsuit Direct LLC, P.O. Box 8600, Temple Hills, UT. The Lawsuit Loan program was created to help diabetics who may have a Lawsuit due to an injury from diabetes complications.

Statins Diabetes Lawsuit

When discussing statins diabetes lawsuit, it is important to mention that the manufacturers of the drug knew about the side effects long before they sold the product to the public. They knew about the risks long before they gave the medication to the public.

The Lawsuit should have been filed long before the lawsuits began in order to prevent further harm to the public. If a Lawsuit is filed today, then the person who manufactures the drug will receive a large monetary settlement, and the person who has filed the suit will receive monetary compensation for their medical expenses and loss of earning ability.

If you have sustained an injury from statins, you have a case.

In almost all Lawsuits involving injuries caused by prescription drugs, the defendant manufactures or provides a the drug to the public with the understanding of the possible side effects. If these effects occur the victim must be compensated financially for their losses and/or suffering.

If a Lawsuit has been filed against a pharmaceutical company, pharmaceutical representative, or manufacturer of a certain drug, then the legal firm’s knowledge of the statins side effects should have warned them about the possible dangers of the drug. And if they did not warn the public, then they are liable and will be forced to pay damages.

One example of a Lawsuit that has been filed regarding the use of statins to treat type 2 diabetes is against GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

GlaxoSmithKline manufactured two different kinds of drugs to treat diabetes; one was known as Alli and the other as Lipitor. They provided the public with the drug by telling them that the drugs contained natural ingredients that had no side effects on the public. And that, according to the Lawsuit, they knew that there were stations available on the market that would increase the risk of developing heart problems, strokes, and kidney failure, but did not tell the public.

According to the Lawsuit, GlaxoSmithKline should have warned the public that the statin they provided to the public, Alli, could cause serious side effects such as heart problems, strokes, and even kidney failure.

They also knew that there was a link between statins and congestive heart failure. But they did not inform the public of the possible side effects that could come as a result of taking the statin. As a result, people who have developed these conditions as a result of using the statin have been awarded monetary damages through a Florida Lawsuit.

GlaxoSmithKline did not remove statins from their products, but merely changed the name of the product from Alli to Lipitor.

GlaxoSmithKline was also aware of the fact that there was a link between statins and congestive heart failure, and yet they did not inform patients of that. It appears that if a company manufactures a medication intended to treat heart disease, but has the potential to cause an increased risk of developing congestive heart failure, that company may be liable for malpractice.

A Florida Lawsuit has been filed against GlaxoSmithKline, and in addition to the monetary damages being awarded by the Lawsuit, the Diabetes Medical Society is asking the court to force GlaxoSmithKline to change the name of the product from Alli to Lipitor and to include a warning about the potential for a dangerous reaction to the drug.

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