NCAA Concussion Lawsuit Could Provide Huge Tax Breaks for Athletes


The recent NCAA college football scandal has touched sports fans all across the nation. In large measure this controversy has been fueled by the failure of the NCAA to respond quickly and effectively to the athletes’ serious safety concerns. More than a few news organizations have reported that a leading NCAA investigator is under fire for his role in the scandal. Now, as this scandal continues to unfold, more people are seeking advice about filing a NCAA concussion lawsuit.

A lawsuit of this kind is not unheard of, but it is certainly a complicated process. It is important to remember that a qualified and experienced attorney is necessary to obtain success on your behalf. The plaintiffs in these cases are usually unable to determine the cause of the injury until the appropriate medical personnel have evaluated them and conducted an official investigation. Without an experienced attorney handling this litigation, it is unlikely that a successful case can be secured. It is also very important that you retain a reputable law firm, one with a strong track record for winning cases that deal with issues as serious as those raised by the NCAA’s recent actions.

The current state of the health care and safety issues confronting the NCAA and the football programs that it regulates is reason enough for many people to seek counsel. The NCAA and its Division I conferences have a long tradition of negligence when it comes to protecting the health and well-being of its athletes. Many have expressed concern that, given the increased level of college football players using steroids, the colleges will have little control over the practices of some players that lead to severe injury. As a result, many others have begun to turn to filing a lawsuit for compensation for their injuries and the resulting medical expenses that come with them.

While there are many plaintiffs to this kind of case, there are also many individuals with an interest in not joining the lawsuit, which do so for many valid reasons. Individuals who are concerned that joining such a lawsuit would open them up to having their civil rights infringed upon have often stated that they simply wish to avoid what could become a long and costly ordeal. On the other hand, the potential economic windfall that such cases may yield are likely one of the motivating factors behind many of these individuals’ decisions to join the lawsuit.

For those who are joining the lawsuit, there is likely to be much satisfaction on the horizon. As the case moves through the legal system, it is likely to be closely scrutinized by the legal teams representing both the NCAA and the players it governs. The goal of these legal teams is to ensure that all aspects of the lawsuit are properly investigated and arguments presented to enable the courts to make a determination as to the ultimate liability of the NCAA and its Division I conferences. In the end, a determination will be made as to the amount of damages that the plaintiffs will be able to receive as a result of having been injured while playing college football.

For fans of the NCAA and its Division I conferences, this lawsuit is likely to prove extremely important. For the players who were injured as a result of not following the rules of their sport, this lawsuit will allow them one more avenue through which to seek retribution. For fans of the game who have been harmed by the actions of some of the players, the ruling in this case could provide a significant source of comfort. In the end, the goal of this case is to ensure that all players follow all guidelines of their sport and to protect the interests of current and former players who were injured while participating in their sport.

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