My School Bucks Class Action Lawsuit

Recently, a Lawsuit was filed against the company, which is an internet marketing company that promises to make you a fortune. The class action lawsuit is brought by a group of overweight kids who feel they were scammed by this company. This Lawsuit is being handled in the State of Florida and is currently going through the appeals process. The main concern of the plaintiffs is that they say that My Schools Beverage Program defrauded the children by telling them they would lose weight, when instead they gained weight!

My School Bucks Class Action Lawsuit

When the Class Action Lawsuit was filed, the company released a press release saying “no case is going to go forward.” However, several lawsuits were already brewing, and they were not surprised by this answer. The reason for this is simple; if the company responds with a defense then they will get hit with a class action lawsuit! There is one more problem with this answer though; if the company loses the case then they are on the hook for all the settlements and legal fees. It would be better for them to admit the truth about the program and let the courts decide if it is fraud or just a bad business move.

Now that the Class Action Lawsuit has been filed, My Schoolbucks has decided to settle out of court.

They have offered refunds to those who ordered products and were dissatisfied with the results. Also, they are no longer advertising the program. However, the main question is; why?

My Schools did state that they followed all the regulations, rules, and laws and so there was nothing to be done about the fraud.

Well, there are things you can do, but it would seem that the company didn’t care too much about what the rules say because they were already too far ahead of the game. And if they lose, well they still made pretty much millions from this scheme.

The settlement offer that My Schoolbucks offers is probably the best one they could give anyone.

They receive a lot of bonuses and will receive a percentage of My Schoolbucks profits. Additionally, they get to keep all of the free products, which they would have had to give as distributors. So in essence, they get to keep money for doing very little work. It almost seems like the company did nothing wrong, but rather received a lot of free money from the government.

You might want to investigate the company further before you give them your hard earned money.

Their website doesn’t look very professional and there doesn’t appear to be much information about them other than their contact information. Take the time to learn more about them before you spend your money, it will definitely be worth it in the end.

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