Lawsuit Against Progressive Auto Insurance


Lawsuit Against Progressive Auto Insurance – $1,000,000 Reward For Any Citizen With Medical Malpractice

The lawsuits filed against Progressive are the result of what some call “shillary” coverage. What this means is that it is basically an attempt by shills to hold progressive, accountable for their policies in the State of Florida. What many people fail to realize is that Progressive Florida has already taken steps to remedy the situation and ensure that their policy holders’ coverage does not violate the law. So, what are the lawsuits against Progressive Auto Insurance?

The first lawsuit was filed by a man who was injured in a car accident.

The lawsuit was for coverage to be charged on his wife’s policy for the costs associated with her treatment at a Florida hospital. The suit further stated that this would violate both their policies. This particular case is being handled in the county of Horry County. Another suit against the progressive auto insurance company was filed by an individual who suffered a similar injury in a different incident. Again, both these incidents were charged as a result of Progressive refusing to pay for medical care for the plaintiff.

The second lawsuit involves claims that arose from Progressive’s refusal to cover for injuries resulting from an auto collision.

In the aftermath of the accident, the driver of another car approached the victim and explained to him that he had been speeding and should have paid more attention to the road. Instead, the victim told the man that he only owed him $200. When the man offered to pay the man’s bill, the victim instead pointed to his policy and informed the man that the car insurance policy would cover any damage he caused to the other driver’s car. Shortly thereafter, the man drove away.

When the car accident claim was denied by the insurance company, the case was heard by the court.

The court found that the coverage in question did not give Progressive Cover Insurance a right to refuse coverage to any driver that may cause harm to another. Thus, it ordered Progressive to allow the injured victim to receive full health insurance benefits. This ruling is in place in all states in America, even Alaska! Now, every American can enjoy the same right to health coverage that every citizen of other countries around the world is entitled too. That’s how important it is to have a good health insurance policy.

Progressive is one of the biggest corporations in the state of Alabama and is headquartered in the town of Montgomery.

This company also happens to be one of the largest employers in the state. With the ruling from the courts this past December, American Express will be forced to allow its employees the ability to purchase the health coverage that they deserve. Because of this victory for the plaintiff’s lawyer, many people are optimistic that the premiums and coverage for American Express’s products will increase in price, which will hurt the consumer.

This victory for the plaintiff’s lawyer was a major victory for the plaintiff’s wallet, but the fight isn’t over yet.

Many people were left devastated because they thought that their only choice was going to be to accept the mediocre health insurance that they were forced to purchase through American express, especially since it was offered at such a low rate. But now, all that is over as the court has ordered the insurance giant to give back sixty percent of the money it stole from its customers. Because of this, you will be able to enjoy the same great service for as low as fifteen cents per day!

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