Jesus Gospel Church Lawsuit


Bible Church Lawsuit – Jesus Gospel Vindictimize University

It is interesting to note the many differences between the Christian Gospel Church lawsuit and the lawsuits against televangelists, rock bands, and other Christian celebrities who have sexually abused children. First, one cannot accuse another religious organization of being evil.

Christians are allowed to criticize other religions in a fair way. Second, the alleged victims in these lawsuits are usually adults who do not identify as being a victim when they are interviewed by the media. Third, it takes a very unique kind of person to file such a lawsuit against another human being.

Jesus Gospel Church Lawsuit

While it is certainly true that many Christian churches have turned abusive and fraudulent, there is no denying that there are some “good” Christian churches as well. The Christian Church has a high percentage of priests who molested children in the past and the numbers have not been getting any better since they have been brought back into service again.

Many of these priests were never anywhere near their kids. These people can be safely categorized as warped individuals, but they are still following God. If these good men can get a little of counseling or can be put on some sort of therapy for their pathology, they can surely find the help they need to get back on the right track.

So, what about the Christ gospel church lawsuit against the Jeffersonville Spiritual Association?

The founder of this particular church was molested as a child by several members. One of these men has died and several others have gone on to molest other children. Even after this was brought to the attention of the community, nothing was done. This church is under investigation and its leaders are on trial. There were molestation charges brought against several present and former members.

So the question remains:

Why has this lawsuit against the Jeffersonville Spiritual Association of America and several other universities and colleges affiliated with the Christ gospel church lawsuit against the United States’ largest Christian university, Bible college, and denominational college? Some people say it is because these churches want to control the curriculum of our nation’s youth.

They say that is a form of religious persecution, which is ironic because none of these churches are even in operation in the United States. Is that why these churches have picked sides in this whole situation?

Some say this is all about religion and dividing the world between those who believe in Jesus and those who do not.

They say that is an example of a “Christian nation” getting a “Christian school.” Well, I would beg to differ. This entire case has been unfortunate, because none of these churches have been involved in carrying out any actual abuse of any of these students.

This whole thing began when the founder of the Bible college got into an argument with a fellow Christian at a lunch counter.

He claims to have been a victim of the “split in the flesh” theory, which is what the Bible church cultists allegedly believe their cause is. A few days later, another incident took place when a student from another denomination reportedly tried to convert him to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Apparently, there really is a divide within the Christian church over the issue of separating the gospel of Jesus Christ and other religions such as Islam, Hinduism, or other pantheons.

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