Is an Adderall Lawsuit in Your Future?


An Adderall lawsuit may be in your future if you or a loved one has suffered from the drug’s addictive properties or side effects. Shire Pharmaceuticals is the company that makes the drug. But is the drug dangerous? Should you file a claim? Read on to learn more about the lawsuit and its potential implications. You may also want to read more about the drug’s Side Effects and Addiction. This article will give you some basic information about Shire Pharmaceuticals and Adderall.

Adderall lawsuits

Since the addition of Adderall to the market in 2001, several plaintiffs have sued the pharmaceutical company for their injuries. A total of 855,000 prescriptions have been settled under a lawsuit relating to this popular stimulant. It is expected that this fund will cover all claims, but if there are any leftover funds, a portion of them will be donated to CHADD, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advocacy of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In addition to the plaintiffs of the Adderall lawsuits, ten other plaintiffs will receive a settlement amounting to two thousand dollars each. Additionally, similar lawsuits filed in federal court will be dismissed as part of the settlement agreement.

In addition, a company named the Shire has settled allegations that it improperly marketed a class of ADHD medications. Shire made false and misleading claims about Adderall XR, which was unapproved by the FDA. They claimed that the drug “normalized” recipients and that the competing drugs couldn’t achieve similar results. The government asserted that Shire’s claims were based on insufficient clinical data.

Side effects

The main Adderall side effects include increased heart rate and blood pressure. If you already suffer from heart problems, this drug can exacerbate the condition. Additionally, it can affect blood circulation and reduce lung capacity. This can lead to chest pain, numbness, or even loss of consciousness. If you’re concerned about any of these effects, speak with your healthcare provider before taking Adderall. Also, contact a hospital immediately if you experience chest pain or loss of consciousness.

Psychotic or manic symptoms can occur when people are taking prescription stimulants, including Adderall. The drug can also cause panic attacks, severe anxiety, and even paranoia. These effects can be severe, so it’s best to stop taking them right away. Some Adderall side effects are also related to insomnia, irritability, and even nightmares. It can also affect your child’s growth. For these reasons, you should not take Adderall if you’re a child or teenager.


Shire Pharmaceuticals has been the subject of a lawsuit over its marketing of Adderall. The company was accused of fraudulently marketing the drug and making it available for use for certain purposes without clinical studies. Eventually, the company settled the lawsuit and paid $56.5 million. But that’s not the end of the story. There is still more litigation to come. The Shire is fighting for public trust by defending itself against the lawsuit.

The Shire is trying to consolidate all pending Adderall lawsuits. While it has succeeded in doing this, it is important to note that antitrust laws differ significantly from consumer protection laws. Because of this, each Adderall lawsuit will be unique. If you or someone you know has been injured by Adderall, it is important to consult an attorney about your rights. It is free to consult an attorney and see if you are eligible for a lawsuit.

Shire Pharmaceuticals

The battle between Adderall and generic versions continues. Shire Pharmaceuticals Group plc, a drug company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, recently presented the interim results of a two-year Phase III trial for Adderall XR. The study was led by researchers at Harvard University. The new drug is an extended-release, mixed-amphetamine salt. Shire Pharmaceuticals also produces a new long-acting version, Adzenys, which has a lower price than the generic version.

The Shire patents include 6,322,819 and 6,605,300. The settlement confirms that Shire’s patents are valid. The settlement also ends Shire’s litigation against generic ANDA applicants. The settlement is effective immediately, and the US Federal Trade Commission will review it. Shire Pharmaceuticals is still fighting the generic version of Adderall XR. A settlement is an important step toward ensuring the public’s safety and health.

Shire falsified information about the drug’s efficacy

The federal government settled a lawsuit involving Shire Pharmaceuticals over claims that it fraudulently marketed and promoted drugs. The allegations were based on two separate qui tam lawsuits. One plaintiff, Dr. Gerardo Torres, will receive $5.9 million in damages. The Shire did not disclose the award amounts for other plaintiffs. The settlement demonstrates that the pharmaceutical industry has a history of deceiving consumers.

The lawsuits filed against the Shire allege that the pharmaceutical company falsely promoted a medication called Daytrana and used a fraudulent marketing scheme to entice physicians to prescribe it. The company also faces allegations that Shire promoted Pentasa and Lialda for uses outside of their labeling, including off-label uses not approved by the FDA and not covered by federal health insurance programs.

Cost of Adderall

The price of Adderall XR is the subject of a lawsuit filed against the drug’s maker, Shire Pharmaceuticals. The company has allegedly rigged the price of its drug to deter competitors from developing cheaper versions of the drug. It has settled two lawsuits filed by whistle-blowers under the False Claims Act. In one of the lawsuits, the plaintiffs alleged that Shire drug representatives lied about the effectiveness of Adderall XR and the drug’s ability to normalize ADHD metrics. Aside from the price, consumers were also unhappy with the side effects of Adderall XR, which was the reason that a lawsuit was filed.

Since Adderall XR is an amphetamine, the price is sky-high. This fact has prompted lawsuits filed by individuals and companies that produce the drug. The settlement funds should cover the costs of up to $16 per Adderall prescription, and any leftover money should be donated to the nonprofit organization CHADD. As part of the settlement, similar lawsuits filed in federal courts will be dismissed. The settlement will cover the cost of 855,000 Adderall prescriptions.

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