How to Proceed With a Kia Miles Per Gallon Lawsuit

You probably know that if you get a Kia automobile, you are getting the best of the best in quality and value. And it is also one of the most dependable cars on the market. But, did you also know that you can file a lawsuit if you are not satisfied with your purchase? This is true because Kia has a policy called the Limited Warranty Program that protects their cars from certain problems such as major engine damage and brake failure.

Kia Miles Per Gallon Lawsuit

Before you start to file a lawsuit, however, you need to review your warranty and find out if it covers defects or problems covered by the Limited Warranty Policy. If it does, then you should not have any problem filing a lawsuit. It will cost you, however, to obtain this type of coverage, so you should plan to spend the necessary money to keep your car working for years to come. In addition to the approximate cost of the lawsuit itself, you will be required to pay the cost of the repair and replacement of any vehicle components that are damaged during the filing process.

As mentioned above, you should review your Kia warranty before filing any type of lawsuit.

However, there are things that are not covered by the Limited Warranty Policy. For example, all coverage provided by the car’s factory warranty does not include claims for accident damage or theft. Neither does it cover mechanical damage caused by collision, fire, or vandalism. In addition, any kind of fraud or deceptive advertising must be brought forward by the owner of the vehicle.

Many people who do file such lawsuits feel as though they are entitled to compensation because the company was negligent.

For example, if you are driving a new car that has a mileage range of 1500 miles per gallon, but logs only fifty miles per week, it is likely that the car was not maintained properly. This could mean that the car was not properly maintained at the time of purchase, or that it had been subjected to conditions that caused it to experience significant problems over time.

You may also argue that the car was misused because it did not have the correct fuel.

If the company has knowledge that the vehicle was not properly maintained at the time of purchase, it may be able to prove that you knew about the problem when you bought the vehicle and still be held responsible for any claims that result from your negligence. Again, the company may use its own evidence in support of this argument, or hire an expert to help prove your innocence.

Keep in mind that you may not be able to sue for damages directly related to the gasoline that was in the tank at the time of the accident.

It is likely that you will receive a settlement in that area. However, if you can prove that the gas station was aware that their fueling device was faulty, it is possible that you may be able to file a claim for punitive and compensatory damages. If you have insurance coverage, you may be able to collect on your policy. This is important to keep in mind as it may be worth much more to keep your Kia car insured for the cost of a lawsuit than to simply pay out of pocket for any damages.

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