How to Join a Class Action Lawsuit and Avoid Spending Legal Fees

In order to answer the question how to join a class action lawsuit, you need to understand what a class action lawsuit is all about. Class action lawsuits are filed by an individual plaintiff or group of plaintiffs to be considered as a class. Class actions are normally used when there’s a commonality of claim and an identifiable grouping of individuals who have been suffering from the same injury. There is also an allowance for certain categories of individuals who can be included in a class. One example of this would be those who are experiencing a wrongful death because of car accidents.

On the other hand, class-action lawsuits can also be filed against the defendant (the person who is being sued). It should be noted that a defendant can also file its own lawsuit against those who have filed a lawsuit against it. The main difference between a plaintiff and a defendant in a lawsuit is the amount of damages that can be claimed. Damages that are recovered from the property of the defendant can be recovered from the person who owns that property. On the other hand, damages that can be recovered from a plaintiff are limited to the damages actually received.

When a plaintiff files a class action lawsuit, one of the first things that happens is that a court date will be set. This date is called a complaint setting. After this, the case will be proceeded to trial. During the course of the trial, the judge will issue a verdict. The verdict will be either in favor or against the plaintiff. If the plaintiff’s damages are higher than the defendant’s losses, the plaintiff will receive the higher compensation.

Now, if the defendant loses, then there will be a settlement. The amount of the settlement will be decided by a jury. It has been already mentioned that a class action is among the most popular methods used by lawyers to settle their clients’ claims. A settlement is usually reached with the help of an attorney. An attorney will work on behalf of his client and will represent him whenever he goes to court.

Usually, any settlement that reaches a certain amount is called a ‘lead plaintiff.’ If a settlement reached leads to someone receiving compensation, then that individual is a ‘leader’ in the lawsuit. Once a plaintiff becomes a leader, then the group representing that plaintiff will be called a ‘class’. Then, the group representing all the members of the class is known as a ‘settlement group’.

How to join a lawsuit and how to avoid spending legal fees: In a class action lawsuit, one has to join as a plaintiff or as a member of the settlement group. But, one does not have to bear the entire cost of filing a lawsuit. Settlements can reach millions of dollars and attorneys work for free. After the initial filing of the lawsuit, there will be no more legal fees needed.

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