How Can You Prepare For a Pravastatin Lawsuit?


There has been a lot of publicity surrounding the Pravastatin lawsuit, a medical case that was recently decided in favor of the plaintiffs. The case was brought by two women who claimed that they had been unnecessarily exposed to minoxidil (the active ingredient in the commonly prescribed blood thinning pill) and later developed breast cancer.

A US district court judge sided with the plaintiffs, holding that the FDA had failed to provide adequate evidence that the drug was unsafe or harmful. The FDA is appealing the ruling, and several appeal hearings are currently underway. What exactly is involved in a generic pravastatin side effects case?

Pravastatin Lawsuit

In this instance, it seems as though the FDA failed to prove that generic pravastatin (the same drug in the generic version) was unsafe or even harmful. The FDA only claimed that the drug’s use could result in certain adverse reactions, such as abnormal heart rhythm, abnormal liver function, or allergic reactions to a variety of chemicals or ingredients.

These reactions can range from slight to serious. It is important to remember that even if one’s symptoms do not manifest themselves in a serious manner, these problems may still exist. So, in essence, it is up to the patient’s doctor to decide whether or not they deem their symptoms to be indicative of a problem, and if so, to proceed with treatment accordingly.

The second aspect of this Pravastatin lawsuit deals with the side effects of the drug, which, as previously mentioned, also included a number of potential adverse reactions.

It should be noted that this case, unlike some past lawsuits, was brought on the basis of medical rather than scientific data. This means that the plaintiffs may have to rely solely upon their own personal experiences rather than having access to further scientific information regarding the drug’s safety and effectiveness. This can make a huge difference when it comes to deciding how much money to ask for.

In essence, it may be more difficult for someone to successfully sue a manufacturer of a prescription drug for damages that resulted from an ingredient’s use rather than because of the side effects caused by that ingredient itself.

Another significant aspect of the Pravastatin lawsuit deals with the claim that it was designed to prevent fat from being absorbed into the body.

Lipitor, in addition to being primarily used as a blood thinner, is also frequently used as a weight loss medication. Therefore, it was not entirely unreasonable for Lipitor manufacturers to assume that their drug would, in fact, be effective in helping overweight people to lose weight.

However, there is no evidence to suggest that the use of lipitor to help with weight loss is effective. As a result, people who use lipitor to lose weight are often subjected to other risks. If you decide to file a Pravastatin lawsuit against Lipitor, you will need to show that, in all likelihood, the claims made by the company were not true.

Additionally, it is important to remember that it is illegal to use counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

That means that even if a person accidentally purchases pravastatin sodium tablets from a company that uses legitimate prescription drug packaging, it is against the law to sell the product as being something that it is not.

If you were injured as a result of the pravastatin tablet, or its use as a dietary supplement, you may be able to collect compensation from the company that sold you the product. However, it is important to keep in mind that, in general, a person cannot hold another person liable for injuries that occur as a result of an unsafe pharmaceutical product.

If you have been injured because of using the wrong prescription drug, you should consult with a qualified personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Before you speak with a lawyer, make sure that you fully understand the meaning of the medical records relating to the incident. If you were injured because of pravastatin side effects, and you are unable to work, you may have a case.

However, you must remember that many individuals have successfully sued prescription drug companies over these types of issues without having to hold them responsible. Speak with an experienced personal injury attorney if you think that you have a solid case.

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