How Can I Avoid a Davison Inventions Lawsuit?


The Davison Inventions lawsuit is a legal case filed by a group of inventors against the manufacturer of Velcro tapes. The manufacturer, according to their attorney, developed a new technology that made it possible for people to stick items such as flashcards together without tearing them or having to cut them with scissors.

This was, they said, an inventive idea that infringing upon the exclusive rights of the inventor. The case has thus far proceeded to the trial stage, and there appears to be little evidence that the tapes are unsafe. Yet, for many people, the fact that it took time for the manufacturers to develop this safety tape raises questions as to whether they acted responsibly in terms of the innovation process.

Davison Inventions Lawsuit

The entire point of suing a company over a patented invention is that time should have been used to come up with an alternative solution, instead of a patent which could stifle competition. At first glance, it would seem that it is an unfair case to file, since it appears that the manufacturers simply wanted to corner the market on the patented technology.

Yet, if the trial pans out, it may not turn out so badly after all. As it turns out, it will turn out to be a good opportunity for a standard-type invention to be vindicated, rather than being stomped on by an enterprising small business.

There are two ways that Davison Inventions lawsuit works.

First, the inventor must demonstrate to the patent examiner that the claimed invention meets all of the technical and commercial requirements set forth by the US Patent Office. Second, the inventor must establish to the patent examiner that the commercial advantages provided by the invention are relevant to the public benefit and that these benefits would not have been obtained had the inventor not pursued the patent.

The claim must be easy to describe and understand and it must clearly define the scope of the invention. To this end, it will often be necessary for the inventor to hire a patent attorney to prepare the appropriate patentability brief.

The creation of a patent can take some time.

Patent examiners do not want to spend their time reviewing applications that have little chance of success. This is why it is important to prepare your invention properly from the beginning. Put in a lot of time and effort to define exactly what you have done and why it is unique. Explain in great detail why your product or technology is different and why it will most likely have competitive advantages over similar products or technologies from other companies.

When drafting your patentability brief, it is important to keep in mind that it will not be released for another 10 years, so you should get it ready in advance.

You should also work closely with a qualified patent attorney who will be able to advise you thoroughly on the technical issues. If the patent examiner rules out your invention as being eligible for patenting, don’t give up. You should proceed to file a reexamination application.

A Davison Inventions lawsuit can result in a big victory if it goes to court.

It is possible that the inventor will be able to continue selling his products without having to disclose that he has obtained patent protection for them. A successful appeal reduces the cost and time needed to secure a patent. It is a good idea to speak to an IP attorney if you have any doubt about whether a patent is right for your business or product.

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