Hiring an injury lawyer in Salt Lake City: Don’t miss these details

Personal Injury

Whether you are dealing with medical malpractice or a car accident injury, you deserve to get compensation for your injuries when the other party was clearly negligent. It could be a situation where you were a victim of a surgical error, suffered injuries because of a trip & fall injury on someone’s property, or were hurt in a truck accident in Salt Lake City.

Utah laws are complex. For instance, it is one of the dozen states that follow a no-fault system for car accidents, and therefore, you can only sue the at-fault driver when your injuries meet certain thresholds set by the state laws. It is pertinent to talk to a personal injury lawyer without delay. Visit this page if you want a free consultation. In this post, let’s discuss the basic aspects of hiring a lawyer in Salt Lake City.

Reasons to hire an injury lawyer

There are several reasons why you may want to hire an injury lawyer for your claim, including –

  1. You have suffered life-altering injuries
  2. You were also partially at fault for the accident
  3. You don’t know who is liable for your injuries
  4. There are many parties involved in the claim
  5. You don’t want to deal with insurance adjusters

Cost of hiring a lawyer in Utah

In Utah, all injury lawyers usually work on contingency. The arrangement is simple – the lawyer gets paid if the client wins. The fee is not an hourly rate, and there is no retainer charge either.

Instead, the attorney gets a fixed percentage (the contingency payment) from the client when they recover money. As a victim, this is a great advantage for your case because you don’t need money to avail legal representation.

Also, you can expect the lawyer to help with other things, like investigation expenses. We recommend that you discuss the likely costs related to your injury claim, which are your responsibility.

What can an attorney do for your injury claim?

Besides evaluating what the claim is worth, the attorney will help put a value to your damages. They will negotiate for the settlement and deal with the insurance company accordingly. If the settlement offer is unlikely to cover your losses, the injury lawyer can file a civil lawsuit.

They are in charge of the trial-related work and will gather evidence, details, and experts to bolster your case.

Don’t let your circumstances defeat your morale – call an injury lawyer now.

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