FlagStar Class Action Lawsuit


FlagStar Class Action Lawsuit is a legal lawsuit which has been filed against FlagStar Technologies, Inc. for their failure to keep their website sufficiently updated and secure. When the plaintiff initially purchased this program from FlagStar, they did so with the understanding that it was 100% virus free and had a money back guarantee. However, upon purchasing the software, the plaintiff discovered that it was rife with computer viruses, spyware and adware, and did not have a comprehensive removal tool. Despite knowing this, the defendant failed to make the necessary changes to correct this issue.

Upon learning of this situation, the plaintiff’s attorney, contacted me and asked if I had any suggestions on how to proceed in this matter.

I provided them with several ideas, none of which were successful. One of the reasons I could not assist them was because I was not an attorney. Thus, their only option at this point in time was to seek legal advice from another attorney that had experience in this particular area.

The crux of the class action lawsuit revolves around the fact that despite having purchased the software in question, the plaintiff did not have a thorough clean install of the software.

This meant that the plaintiff had to develop a custom install to remove all traces of the malicious software, which will allow the computer to run normally again. In addition, it meant that the plaintiffs had to file suit in the form of a Class Action Lawsuit against FlagStar and they were seeking monetary damages in excess of $10k. As you can imagine, the defendants filed a motion to dismiss this claim which is when my role as an attorney became important. My job was to assist the plaintiffs with drafting the complaint in such a way that the court would find the defendant liable for the patent infringement and other damages.

It is very clear from the above paragraph that the entire class action lawsuit hinges on a single issue: did the defendant to provide a complete and proper uninstall procedure for the plaintiff’s copyrighted software?

This, in a nutshell, was the crux of our case. The court ultimately found that the defendant did not comply with its warranty which legally obligated them to provide a complete uninstall of the software. Given the nature of this litigation, the court awarded us a judgment in favor of the plaintiffs.

There are many class action lawsuits that end up being settled out of court.

Unfortunately, this does not help the plaintiff. In many instances, defendants do not admit to using the pirated software. Consequently, there is not a valid claim for a Class Action Lawsuit. This is what we found to be the case with our client.

Although the details of the case may not be clear to everyone, I hope this will assist in determining if you have a case or not.

As previously stated, we represented the plaintiff in a flagstar class action lawsuit and were able to get the defendant and the software owner to agree to a cease and desist order that permanently barred the defendant from selling any more copies of the software. This was an excellent result, which I believe has been favorable for all of our clients.

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