Does Your Cipro Lawsuit Help You?

If you or a loved one has been injured due to taking Cipro, then you might be eligible for financial compensation. Call the attorneys in National Injury Help now to find out if you’re eligible for a Cipro Lawsuit and if so, what your odds are of being awarded the money you’re seeking. A Cipro Class Action lawsuit is where individuals who have been injured through no fault of their own can band together with other individuals to file suit against Biomedical Industrial Products Corporation. The company manufactured and marketed the popular pain killer Cipro for several years. Unfortunately, there were very serious safety problems that were ignored for years, and now these dangers are finally exposed.

You might be wondering how this lawsuit came about. An individual filing a Cipro Lawsuit can be responsible for serious medical bills, which will ultimately be paid by the insurance company. Your attorney will help you determine the best course of action to take, whether that means pursuing a lawsuit on your own behalf or using class action laws. If you suffer from serious injuries such as a heart attack or a stroke, then you will be able to collect substantial compensation for those injuries. A lawsuit can also be brought on behalf of family members who have been injured because of the company’s negligence.

Please note: Due to recent negative publicity surrounding Cipro, we are no longer accepting and influenzaoroquinolone injury claims. In August, we received over two hundred calls and emails from individuals who claimed to be representing a victim of Cipro. Unfortunately, they were attempting to contact us to collect money for healthcare bills they say they incurred after being injured while using Cipro. Our firm has reviewed these matters and has found that none of the individuals calling us have any evidence of being harmed while using Cipro. We also received a call from an individual who stated he had been offered money for selling Cipro to someone else.

After reviewing the situation, we advised our client that he would not be able to successfully file a Cipro Lawsuit in either state or federal court. Our client did not want to waste time pursuing this issue any further. As a result, we sent a letter to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Florida and submitted a Status Conference for the parties involved. This status conference is one where the parties can agree to a settlement and enter into a court-enforceable agreement.

On September 9, the Status Conference took place. During the status conference, it was revealed that the State of New York was filing a complaint against our client on behalf of the manufacturers, Synthetic Enzymes, Inc., and Johnson & Johnson. According to the complaint, our client received a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer on August 4, immediately following surgery at an Orlando hospital. Following surgery, he continued to take Synthetic Enzymes, Inc.’s unapproved pain medications and was subsequently diagnosed with a mild heart failure on August 7, immediately before he left the hospital.

Despite the fact that our client never received any symptoms of pancreatic cancer, he was diagnosed with a severe heart condition on the day of his surgery. He then received a second surgery to correct the first and has been experiencing ongoing health complications as a result. Our firm is not representing our client in this matter. His lawsuit was prematurely filed in state court when it should have been filed in federal court. His current case will be tried in a federal court.

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