Chicks and Petes Lawsuit

A Dog Bite Case In St Louis County

A Chicks and Petes lawsuit has been launched by parents of a young child who suffered a serious brain injury from playing with a loose Chickie in the back yard. This accident has caused the boy a great deal of damage to his brain. The parents, along with the boy’s grandparents have filed a lawsuit against RVs and other companies involved with RVs. They claim that this is a case of animal cruelty and negligence.

Chicks and Petes Lawsuit

The suit claims that the boy was playing with a toy Chihuahua when he was bitten on his hand by an “aggressive” dog. The dog then bit the child on his leg, breaking it. The dog’s owner says that he was not aware that his dog was biting the child. A St. Louis court has ordered the owner to provide medical treatment for the boy and gave him large financial payments.

A similar case came up in St. Louis county last year in which the mother of two children died while taking her dog for a walk.

The dog was walking beside the mother without her knowing and when it bit the woman on the leg, it caused her death. An attorney involved in the case said that he believes that the accident was completely foreseeable.

Both of the lawsuits are being handled by attorneys who are named in the case.

One attorney has represented both plaintiffs. Another has represented only one of the plaintiffs. No defendants have yet been named in either case. The judge will issue a ruling on either lawsuit soon.

Both of these lawsuits seek compensation for the pain and suffering endured by the victims.

A Chickie and Pete’s lawsuit seeks damages for medical bills and future costs related to the accident. A St. Louis dog bite lawsuit seeks financial damages to cover lost wages, pain and suffering. Both lawsuits are ongoing. No amount of money will replace the memories of the deceased and lost love. But the pain and suffering can be compensated for.

The attorney for Chickie and Pets is expected to appeal the ruling.

He could ask for a trial even after the settlement. If the court upholds the verdict, then the owner of the dog could be liable for punitive damages. There could also be an award for emotional distress. Hopefully this will not be a case that causes further stress to the victims and their families. If you or someone you know needs help from an animal lawyer, contact an animal attorney in your area.

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