Blue Diamond Almond Milk Lawsuit

Mind Numbing Facts About Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Milk

There has been a lot of buzz and controversy surrounding the blue diamond almond milk lawsuit. This is due to a recent article in People Magazine. The article claims that it has been banned due to a mold growth in the glass. However, according to court documents none of this is true. Here is the scoop on the matter and the legal issues that surround it.

Blue Diamond Almond Milk Lawsuit

According to the law there is no need for the words “unsweetened” on a nutrition facts label. However, when they are included by the manufacturer they have to use the word “fat”. This will make them appear as though they are offering unsaturated fats when they are not. If you buy unsweetened almond milk, you can still buy the whole house brand which is unsugared. It just may come with a different number or symbol on the nutrition facts label.

The almond breeze unsweetened original almond milk is one of the highest quality and highest priced brands of this type of milk available.

It comes in 16 ounce bottles. The price of the bottle of almond milk varies depending on the size. Some people pay thousands of dollars for these bottles. You are probably wondering how a small percentage change on the price can affect everyone all of the time.

The only way this can possibly affect you is if you are allergic to the blue diamond almond butter.

If you are then you should stop using the product immediately and contact the company for a refund. All products that come in containers with the nutrition facts label should have this label on them. If it does not have the blue diamond almond warranty on it then it is best to purchase elsewhere.

If you are not allergic to the blue unsweetened milk unsweetened original 32-ounce bottle then this is the safest product to use on your baby.

It is very economical and the quality is excellent. The blue milk unsweetened original 32-ounce bottle comes with an eight month supply and there are no refunds.

For anyone out there who is not aware, this is just a simple example of some of the many mind numbing facts you need to be aware of.

When you are purchasing any type of product whether it is for yourself or for your baby, you need to make sure you are purchasing from a reputable company. The only way you can find out the truth is to get the facts yourself and learn what to look for on the label. There is a lot to know about the blue diamond almond breezes unsweetened vanilla milk so make sure you read the entire article to get the full benefits.

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