Average Settlement For Pelvic Mesh Lawsuits


In addition to the high dollar amount in the media, the pelvic mesh litigation has become super-sized in federal court. It has led to settlements of less than $60,000, which is low compared to other mass torts. While the average settlements are lower than those of other types of lawsuits, the jury verdicts for these cases suggest that the average pelvic mesh settlement should be significantly higher. It’s important to keep in mind that these settlements are worthless after the lawyers’ fees.

Several companies have settled groups of mesh lawsuits, including Johnson & Johnson.

The company paid a settlement to a group of plaintiff’s attorneys in January 2019, while Becton Dickinson paid a $60 million multistate settlement last year. These large-scale litigations are a sign that pelvic mesh is a major cause of infertility, and they aren’t the only ones to have suffered injuries.

Despite the high numbers, the settlements have been far from equal. In some cases, women have only received half of their original settlement. Sadly, some mesh-law firms make more money than their injured clients, and most women don’t question their attorneys’ 5% legal fees. The recent case involving a woman who sued Kläger Scientific and Ethicon for her defective pelvic mesh revealed that her Texas law firm walked away with more than $180 million.

In 2017, a California woman named Christine Scott, who had her Avaulta mesh implanted in her pelvis, won a $5.5 million verdict in a mass tort lawsuit against the company.

The jury found that her surgeon was 40 percent at fault, and he had attended a one-day seminar on surgical procedures but was unaware of how to remove the mesh. She still has pain in her abdomen and is not able to control her bowels.

One of the largest mesh lawsuits, in the 3rd quarter of 2015, landed a $16 million settlement. This is about $40k per claimant. Another case involving Boston Scientific Pinnacle mesh, which she suffered from for two years, won a $100 million award. The jury found that the medical device caused severe bladder infections, which made it impossible to remove it. The woman’s pain and other problems were so severe that she needed corrective surgery.

Another recent multistate pelvic mesh lawsuit, which has topped seven billion dollars, has settled in a multistate lawsuit.

Earlier this year, a $117 million settlement was reached between Johnson & Johnson and Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Joh. During this time, the two companies were involved in more than 11,500 pelvic mesh lawsuits, and the average settlement was $40 million.

Currently, the average pelvic mesh lawsuit settlement is around $40,000, and the plaintiff can expect half of that amount in the settlement. In some cases, the plaintiffs may get as much as half of the award, but in others, the settlement may only be one-third of the total settlement. Regardless of the size of the settlement, the women who were affected by the mesh are suing Boston Scientific, and many of these companies have agreed to settle their claims.

In addition to the settlements, women are also suing manufacturers of pelvic mesh devices.

The companies were sued by patients in the past for causing uterine prolapse, but they have been unable to stop the leaking. As a result, the plaintiffs’ attorneys are calculating the damages from the cases in federal and state courts. The plaintiffs’ lawyers believe that the average settlement amount for a pelvic mesh lawsuit is $11.7 billion.

Despite the high fees, pelvic mesh lawyers are notoriously hard to compare with other types of lawsuits. In one case, a woman received a settlement of $40k for her injuries involving a mesh implant. However, the average settlements have been lower than that, but women who were not able to remove the mesh did not receive the same size settlement. This is because the company is not aware of the high costs of the procedure.

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