Avastin Eye Infection Lawsuits


If you’re considering filing an Avastin lawsuit, you’re not alone. There are more than two million Americans who’ve been injured by the drug. Aside from the fact that Avastin is a prescription drug, it can also cause other side effects. If you have a silicone eye infection, Avastin could be the cause. The company that makes the drug has voluntarily taken steps to address this issue, but the side effects may still exist. In these cases, an Avastin lawsuit lawyer may be necessary.

Avastin silicone eye infection lawsuit

Avastin silicone eye infection lawsuits are growing in popularity as several patients have suffered permanent damage or even blindness following the injection. The problem with Avastin is not the drug itself, but it’s the delivery system. It is a dangerous and potentially harmful drug, but it is also worth considering. Avastin is being recalled in light of the growing number of side effects reported by patients.

Patients and physicians alike have urged caution when using the drug, particularly in children. There have been reports of infections related to the drug’s ingredients, which include tazarotene, oxytocin, and benzalkonium chloride. Infections have been attributed to improper sterilization and the use of insufficiently diluted antibiotics. The FDA has yet to publicly comment on the claims, which could damage the company’s image.

Many medical experts believe the drug’s silicone oil coating is a source of the problems. This oil is common on the needles used to administer diabetes medications, but it is not recommended for injections into the eyes. The compounding pharmacies that packaged Avastin(r) in syringes used silicone-coated needles for off-label eye injections. They shipped the syringes frozen but thawed them at the ophthalmologist’s office. This resulted in silicone particles detaching from the coating and mixing with the liquid in the syringe.

Avastin is an FDA-approved cancer drug, but it has also been used for treating eye diseases off-label. This drug is a very effective treatment for eye diseases, and the FDA has not approved it for this use. However, the compounding facilities often repackage the drug into pre-filled eye injection syringes, which are not designed for eye injections. This silicone oil migrates into the liquid Avastin and results in a dangerous problem called silicone “floaters,” which look like air bubbles in the eyes.

In August 2011, the FDA issued a warning for tainted Avastin injections, including the ones prepared by a pharmacy in Hollywood, California. The FDA reported that patients in Florida were infected with Streptococcus oralis after receiving Avastin injections in early July. The FDA also recalled several lots of Avastin syringes. Avastin syringes were repacked from sterile injectable vials into individual 1 ml single-use syringes.

Although you can choose between individual and class action Avastin lawsuits, the former is easier and more likely to result in compensation for you and your family. A class action lawsuit is a great option for obtaining compensation for a large number of people, but it can have some disadvantages if you have sustained more serious injury. The best option is to contact an attorney if you are concerned about your health. An attorney will evaluate your case and provide you with an appropriate course of action.

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