Audi Brake Problems Lawsuit

This article discusses the basics of an Audi Brake Problems lawsuit and what it involves. In addition, we will examine how to determine whether your claim is viable, whether the defect is a hazard, and who can be held liable for the brake problems. Read on to find out more. If you have suffered an accident caused by brake problems in an Audi, you should contact an attorney immediately to file a lawsuit.

Class action settlement

A putative class action was filed against Volkswagen Group of America, Inc., and Audi of America, LLC in 2018 involving a brake problem. Plaintiffs claim that the brakes on their Audi vehicles produce high-pitched noises whenever the car is braking. However, the Court partially granted the defendants’ motions to dismiss their claims in the third and fourth amended complaints in December 2020. After the plaintiffs filed a fifth amended complaint, the parties began settlement negotiations.

In response to this lawsuit, Audi filed press releases stating that it was aware of the problem, which was not cured and caused excessive acceleration. Although this was a minor change, it was sufficient evidence to establish that Audi was aware of the problem. The company is defending itself in 140 separate suites. In some instances, a single demented plaintiff has filed identical claims in state and federal courts. Despite the alleged failure of the manufacturer, the lawsuits against Audi were settled for millions of dollars.

Safety hazard

The safety hazard in an Audi brake problems lawsuit refers to the design of the brake pedals. The design is similar to that of European cars and makes it easier for good drivers to shift gears in an emergency. However, the pedal placement may cause bad drivers to mix up their feet while moving the brake. The NHTSA is unsure whether the pedal placement was marginally better or worse. Lawyers were quick to take the case against Audi when the manufacturer failed to address this issue.

Moreover, the brakes of an Audi can fail suddenly and cause the car to roll over many feet. The car can also collide with moving vehicles or pedestrians and cause serious or fatal injuries. An Audi brake problems lawsuit may be a good choice for those who have been seriously injured by a defective car. Here are the steps required to file an Audi brake problems lawsuit. While the lawsuit is likely to result in substantial damages, it is important to understand the safety hazard to determine whether the company should be held liable.

Damages to plaintiffs

The lawsuit, filed by hundreds of thousands of Audi 5000 owners, claims that the brakes of these cars had failed and subsequently led to unintended acceleration. The car’s powerful engine causes an acceleration that is not always predictable, depreciating the property of thousands of owners. The lawsuit seeks to ensure that the company pays consumers appropriate compensation for the harm incurred. Damages to plaintiffs from an Audi brake problems lawsuit are typically substantial.

The case also claims that Audi is liable for customers who suffered the faulty brakes of the Audi Q7. The complaint cites three service bulletins to support its claims. The automaker counters that the noise is a common part of brake wear and does not necessarily signal a defect. Owner complaints of car problems are often used to rank cars and spur class action lawsuits and warranty extensions. These complaints are a great outlet for consumers to voice their concerns about a car.

Liability of defendants

Plaintiffs in an Audi brake problems lawsuit allege that the manufacturer breached an express warranty when it failed to repair or replace the defective brakes within the warranty period. Audi, in response, failed to honor the express warranty and refused to replace the brakes without correcting the defect. However, the manufacturer did not provide adequate compensation to prevent future accidents or damage. Therefore, the plaintiffs’ lawsuit is valid.

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit allege that the defective brake system on their 2017-2018 Audi Q7 vehicles caused their vehicles to make high-pitched noises while braking. These complaints have led to the filing of class action lawsuits against the manufacturer. Audi has said that the cause of the Brake Defect is unknown. However, plaintiffs in the lawsuit allege that the manufacturer failed to provide adequate warnings about the dangers associated with their vehicles.

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