Ambien Lawsuits


An Ambien lawsuit can be filed against the manufacturer for failing to warn of the side effects of this medication. Thousands of people have reported experiencing half-awake and half-sleep states after using the drug. However, Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. no longer investigates Ambien lawsuits. The company investigated potential claims but concluded that the lack of established evidence made it inadvisable to pursue such cases.

Class action for Ambien lawsuit

A recent class action for the Ambien lawsuit in the Southern District of New York has highlighted the dangers of the drug. Many consumers are waking up in their car, unable to remember the things they’ve done while under the influence of Ambien. Other people are binge-eating, driving their cars, and engaging in other activities without thinking. According to the lawsuit, the manufacturer of Ambien lacked adequate warnings about the drug’s side effects. Although the manufacturer has yet to make a settlement decision, attorneys representing claimants are confident that the drugs will be recalled and reformulated.

The drug’s boxed warnings on the package indicate that it must be taken with eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. However, the Food and Drug Administration says the warnings are adequate, and the company that manufactures the drug is responsible for these problems. The FDA says that the warnings are adequate, but the patient may have a hard time proving that the warnings were inadequate. Regardless of the dangers, and Ambien lawsuit in the US can help people recover compensation.

The lawsuits have also included claims of dangerous sleep behaviors such as sleepwalking, drowsiness, and memory loss. The risks associated with Ambien use can be severe, and some people have even been injured while taking the drug. If you’ve had problems with your sleep and believe you’re at risk of falling, contact a defective product attorney today to learn about your rights. You can also file a lawsuit for Ambien overdose and experience the same side effects, so make sure to consult a qualified attorney for assistance.

Class action for Lunesta lawsuit

In a recent New York case, an attorney filed a Class Action for Lunesta lawsuit against the manufacturers of Ambien. Susan Chana Lask surveyed 300 people who reported strange side effects while using Ambien. Those who took Ambien were eating buttered cigarettes and eating shelled eggs. One woman, 55, went on eating binges caused by the drug. When she woke up, she had half-empty boxes of rice and unopened candy.

The FDA has been warning consumers about the risk of sleep driving, drowning, and suicide since 2007. However, the boxed warnings do not eliminate the risks associated with the drug after you’ve taken it. Consequently, the law firm representing people affected by this drug is committed to protecting the public and holding pharmaceutical companies accountable. This firm is an experienced and highly rated Cincinnati drug injury attorney. The Lyon Firm has successfully represented many clients with Ambien or Lunesta injury lawsuits.

The drug is a powerful sedative and can make you feel sleepy. However, it also causes weight gain. Unlike other sleep aids, Ambien can cause an unhealthy weight gain if taken regularly. In a recent case, 500 people filed a Class Action lawsuit against the manufacturer of Ambien, forcing the FDA to put stronger warnings on the medication’s packaging. The drug can also lead to mental changes, including suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, agitation, and aggressive behavior.

Class action for Prilosec lawsuit

A Prilosec lawsuit against the makers of the popular heartburn medicine is a possible option for people who were harmed by the drug. This delayed-release prescription medication is marketed under the brand name Prilosec but is the generic version of the same drug called Omeprazole. Proton pump inhibitors are often prescribed for persistent heartburn, but they can cause serious side effects, including dementia, kidney damage, and even death. If you have taken this drug, you may be entitled to money damages as a result of these dangerous side effects.

If you’ve suffered from the side effects of Prilosec, you should talk to a lawyer as soon as possible. Filing a lawsuit on your own can be complicated and time-consuming, especially if you’re dealing with the pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca. In addition to the fact that AstraZeneca has ample resources, it’s important to know that a successful pharmaceutical injury lawsuit requires extensive investigation and years of experience.

A Prilosec class action lawsuit is ongoing because of the risks associated with the drug. Many individuals with heartburn who take Prilosec have kidney damage as a result of this drug. Several studies have linked Prilosec to kidney disease. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have found that fifteen million Americans take proton pump inhibitors. Some of these people could have stopped taking them and not experienced any significant increases in heartburn symptoms.

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